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  1. thanks. but I did try using the 1.6.2 installer. still gave me a "we think your system has been modded" and refuses to run. ill try clean again some other time but for now I guess ill be using older forges. the old way was so much more reliable.
  2. I tried using the installer, as I said. re-read the post.
  3. So I install forge mod loader to minecraft, everything was good, but when I add mods to the mod folder in .minecraft, it says "we think your system may be modded" or something like that, it won't let the launcher run, I supposed this was to do with the META-INF folder, but when I try to delete that, FML gives me a "CRITICAL TAMPERING WITH MINECRAFT" HA? no shit, that's the whole point of forge mod loader, right?. I already tried manually installing mods to the jar but that doesn't work with or without FML. anybody got any feedback or experience? manual fml/mod installing was so much easier before. and yes I'm a newb modder. p.s. congratulations on being stupid as hell.
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