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  1. Oh, wow! Thank you very much. I guess I just didn't see that there were supposed to be two booleans.
  2. In an attempt to add a new value for EnumCreatureType, Minecraft crashed. The line adding the type is: public static final EnumCreatureType ambientWater = EnumHelper.addCreatureType("ambientWaterFish", EntityWaterMob.class, 40, Material.water, false); Here is a link to the Crash report: https://gist.github.com/Azaka7/9679277 I originally encountered this problem when modding for MC 1.6.4, and had hoped it was fixed for 1.7.2, but that's not the case. It's the same crash for both versions. I have been looking around the coding and I see no reason why this would cause a crash, but creating a custom armor material would not. It appears that Forge is feeding the constructor 2 unnecessary arguments. My reason to create this creature type is to be able to populate the ocean with very basic fish without spawn rates limited to that of squid and lobster (lobster is a water-type creature I've created). Does anyone know why this is happening? Do I need to do something different for custom creature types, or should I report this as a bug with Forge?
  3. Try using the net.minecraftforge.event.entity.player.PlayerDestroyItemEvent. It's given an EntityPlayer (the player) and an ItemStack (the stack consumed or destroyed). It's called whenever an item is eaten or when destroyed after a rightclick event (there may be other conditions, but it's basically just called when an temstack is destroyed (size<=0)). Just check to see if the itemstack was the food you are looking for and tell it to do something.
  4. So, I doubt you've looked at how Minecraft determines the intensity of water fog.... In a certain class file, it checks to see if the player is wearing a helmet with the respiration enchant, then sets the fog's strength to a value corresponding to the respiration's strength. It also changes the color of the water fog, brightening it when the respiration is higher. The enchant itself doesn't tell Minecraft to reduce the fog. I've checked. I don't want to force the respiration enchant onto the helmet/mask because of the default breathing ability and the inability to enchant it further without books. As for GL error spam, I've been using my makeshift API, and not once have I gotten GL error spam when things are set up correctly. The fog levels can go surprisingly low and high. The colors have a wonderful range as well.
  5. Oh, ya! That crossed my mind, but I guess I forgot about it. Huh. Oil could actually look black instead of blue from the inside.
  6. I'm just gonna bump this one more time with a more organized version of what I typed above. Subject of request: A hook or an interface (or any more convenient item) that allows for the customization of "fog" under certain circumstances. (Fog being what is rendered under water/in lava/with blindness). Why?/For What?: I would use it to give a respiration-like visual effect to SCUBA goggles (clearer). Depending on the extend of fog customization, modders could create better potion effects or add better visual alterations to helmets. Other information: I don't want to use the respiration enchantment for the visual, because I want the googles to be able to be separately enchanted. I can't simply call a method from the respiration enchantment or any potion effect because there is none. The method rendering the fog only checks if the player has any of the factors. I would really appreciate it if the ability to customize fog, even to a small degree, was added to Forge. I dislike the idea of having to sustain and distribute the Fog Clarity API as much as you might, but I will keep it if necessary. I'm sure that there are many other modders that would like the ability to change water fog and other forms of fog. Thank you for your time.
  7. Ok. What I wanna do: Change the color and strength of water fog. Why? I want to be able to make water more clear (and adapt its color slightly so it still looks good) when a player is wearing a helmet. I would use this with my mod, AlgaeCraft, to make a SCUBA mask clear up the player's vision under water. I don't want to make the mask defaultly have the respiration enchant so it can still be enchanted by the player. The API/modification I made also allows for changing of color and clarity of lava, which could be seen as useful to some modders. Other modders might use the ability for the creation of different enchants, potion effects, or even armor similar to the mask. As for shipping the entire decompiled file, how might I avoid that? I also don't entirely get what you mean by " changing a files to something lower than the rendering will allow." For my own and recommended usage, the rendering stays within the limits. Now that you know what I want to do and why, consider adding a hook or interface that can be used to achieve this goal into Forge. That way, there won't be a need for the separate API. I am willing to accept whatever suggestions you have if you don't want the requested functionality as a part of Forge for some reason. Thank you for your time.
  8. OK! Here! Take it! Minecraft Forum Page: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1929833-162-forge-fogclarityapi/ Just the source files are out, but I'll release the client fairly soon. Enjoy!
  9. So, I've created a small API that does at least what I wanted to be able to do. Once I've done some more testing, I'll set up a download link and instructions on how to use and install it (probably as a thread on the Minecraft forums). Basically, it gives modders the ability to determine the strength/thickness of various types of fog (like that of water, lava, and something called "cloud" fog) as well as alter the color of the fog. Because it's interface-based, it's sensitive, but things go well when used strictly. I'm seeing it out in the next 24 hours.
  10. I would love to be able to hook a helmet's renderHelmetOverlay (or some other method) into EntityRenderer.setupFog(int,float), specifically the section of that method that checks for water breathing effect or respiration enchant to change the water clarity. A hook into EntityRenderer.updateFogColor(float), which also checks for those things, might also be nice. The hook could be used for helmets that make water more/less clear. If the hook is into several parts of the method or the method itself, the hook could be used to create helmets that can make the overlay lava or fog clearer. If the water clarity goal can be achieved without a hook, please let me know. Thank you in advance to any help provided.
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