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  1. @LexManos thank you for the quick reply. I was following a tutorial, no where does it say that I can see in documentation not to use or with tools, or I wouldn't have asked. Is a custom ingredient what these factory JSON files are? Can you provide a link to documentation so I can do that? https://mcforge.readthedocs.io/en/latest/utilities/recipes/#factories
  2. After item loses durability, crafting no longer works. I've read through some of the bugs, pull requests, and responses here, but the official documentation doesn't say anything about this, and I"m a bit lost on what the official response from LexManos is. If I create a tool that will lose durability during crafting, is there no way now to use the OreDictionary and the forge shapeless crafting JSON? This works below 1.12.2- but not after. Cutter is a tool that loses durability. Vanilla crafting shapeless works just fine with "Data": 3276
  3. Is there a way to mark this thread "complete" or "resolved"?
  4. Odd, Uninstalled Adblock Uninstalled Chrome (I didn't remove any settings, cookies, preferences, or local data in the uninstall) Re-installing Chrome. Worked. Installed Adblock Plus. Logged out, Still worked. Perhaps it was an issue with Adblock, or, issue with chromes install. Thank you for validating I just needed to uninstall/reinstall.
  5. Thank you Lucas1998, validates that its isolated and unique. Chrome says its up-to-date. I'll try uninstalling adblock, and chrome, then re-installing. Using Firefox is extremely slow comparative wise on the Wiki Pages.
  6. When trying to login with Chrome I get the following message: An Error Has Occurred! You were unable to login. Please check your cookie settings. Settings in Chrome: Cookies: - Allow local data to be set (recommended) - [ ] Block third-party cookies and site data (Unchecked) JavaScript: - Allow all sites to run JavaScript (Recommended) AdBlock: - Disabled for www.minecraftforge.com - Also tried leaving it paused. I would prefer to use Chrome. I noticed there are issues in Simple Machines for other forum sites via Google Searches, none of which
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