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  1. --=[ExtendZ-Craft]=-- is a 24/7 factions server. So bring your friends, start a faction, and go to battle with the other ruthless factions out there. Featuring some of the best plugins such as World Edit, MCMMO, Essentials and of course, factions. If you think you are going to come in here with your hack clients and win every fight, think again. This server has NoCheat plugin on it, making all hack clients useless. Staff will not show cheaters and mercy when caught in the act, so if you’re looking it cheat, find somewhere else to do it. IP: Server version: 1.6.2 Type of
  2. Welcome to HellHeaven. We are the unbeatable standard of PvP/Raiding servers. If you love hardcore group PvP, this is the server for you. If want a calm and mature staff that treats players fairly, doesn’t hand out items, and has ZERO tolerance for hackers, HellHeaven is your paradise. We pride ourselves on stability, quality, and fairness. We have a new map, a great environment for PvP and all the action you could ever want. We also have a growing community and are looking for dedicated, regular players! Feel free to join today, and create your base. Ip: Thanks for reading &a
  3. Join Today! Beast Mode is a dedicated minecraft server that strives to provide an excellent gaming experience for gamers all over the world. With both Skyblock and Survival worlds running our screaming fast dedicated server, we’ve got the ability to accomodate all kinds of Minecraft players! So what are you missing out about?!?! - Devonas
  4. IceCraft a brand new 1.6.2 server! Website: www.icecraft.tk IP: mc.icecraft.tk Thank you for reading See you there! - Mod Devonas
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