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  1. Well I made it 1. The sounds.json has to be located in your mods asset folder. 2. You can but the records in yourmodname/sounds/records/ 3. You have to add the soundfiles to your sounds.json like this: { "itsherobrine": { "category": "record", "sounds": [ { "name": "sounds/records/itsherobrine", "stream": true } ] } } 4. Make your own Record class that extends from ItemRecord (because the constructor is invisible) 5. The name of your record has to be: yourmodname:yourrecordname
  2. I know that you have to extend the ItemRecord class, but don't you have to make your own Sounds.json file for this work proper?
  3. No. And it won't work eather since I already have this function in my custom disc class. It has something to do with the sound.json
  4. where? I don't find a getrecordresource I used: itsHerobrine = new ItemHDisc("herobrinemod:records.seeherobrine").setUnlocalizedName("seeherobrine").setTextureName("herobrinemod:record_seeherobrine");
  5. I think BiomeGenBase.getBiomeGenArray() will do it
  6. Hello, how do you add custom music discs? The old ways don't work anymore thanks to new sound system. best regards
  7. Thanks for reply, but biomList isn't visible?
  8. Hello, what's the proper way to add a spawn? Is that the right way: EntityRegistry.addSpawn(EntityPig2.class, 1, 1, 1, EnumCreatureType.creature, BiomeGenBase.desert, BiomeGenBase.desertHills, BiomeGenBase.extremeHills, BiomeGenBase.extremeHillsEdge, BiomeGenBase.forest, BiomeGenBase.forestHills, BiomeGenBase.frozenOcean, BiomeGenBase.frozenRiver, BiomeGenBase.hell, BiomeGenBase.iceMountains, BiomeGenBase.icePlains, BiomeGenBase.jungle, BiomeGenBase.jungleHills, BiomeGenBase.mushroomIsland, BiomeGenBase.ocean, BiomeGenBase.plains, BiomeGenBase.river, BiomeGenBase.swampland, BiomeGenBase.taiga); burnner
  9. Lol thats outdated, now you get rick rolled.
  10. The Herobrine Mod V 3.5 Disclaimer [glow=red,2,300]Use at your own risk! Im not accountable for random hearth attacks, poop in the pants, and other paranormal things Posted Image I won't buy you new pants! Do not even ask! Posted Image I DO NOT grant redistribution rights to this mod to anyone that asks.[/glow] [move]Thanks for over 1'700'000 Downloads![/move] Trailer Installation How to use Download Source Code Change Log And Credits goes to TERMS AND CONDITIONS. RESPECT COPYRIGHT! FAQ Q: Can I use your mod in a modpack? A: No. Q: Why? A: http://tinyurl.com/7m7gar3 Q: HE DOES NOT SPAWN!!! A: Edit the herobrinemod.cfg and increase the spawnrate Q: Herobrinemod.cfg? A: The Herobrineconfiguration file, found in config/herobrinemod.cfg in your minecraft folder Q: Make a multiplay version! A: No, not going to happen. Q: Why? A: http://tinyurl.com/7m7gar3 Q: I cant install the mod! A: Read the topic, watch an installation video, extract the archive to a folder and use the installer. Q: Can I make videos of your mod? A: Sure why not? Q: Can I made my own herobrine version out of your mod? A: No. Q: When will you update it? A: When I have time. Q: Can I post this mod on another side? A: When you are using my adfly links, yes. Q: Can I make an installer? A: Nope. Q: How can I contact you? A: PM, but when the question is stupid I won't answer. Q: Why do you not answer? A: You probably asked a stupid question. Q: When I play minecraft, a facebook page comes up. A: Yes this is an ad for my own game, it normaly opens once. Nostalgia
  11. oh well, i thought thisway it will spawn everywhere. ill try it
  12. I replaced it with: EntityRegistry.addSpawn(EntityCow2.class, 60, 1, 4, EnumCreatureType.creature); Problem: now it doesn't spawn at all
  13. Hello, what is the proper way to spawn entities with forge? I was using this: ModLoader.addSpawn(EntityCow2.class, 1, 1, 4, EnumCreatureType.monster); But with this, the entity was spawning like hell, especially in a flat world. burnner_
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