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  1. More bugfixes and improvements to quest/structure system 0.4.3 Maybe its time for a bit more explanation how it works. First of all, when the game is launched with the mod it will extract (if not already done) an folder structure inside the mods folder, containing the scripts. Right now there is just one script that is being loaded (quests/dungeon/specialitem.js) but later it will be expanded to accept any number of scripts. This script will define how the dungeon is generated. It offers a possibility of extremely random to completely static layout. In addition to that there can be any number of json files (the mod ships with two predefines) serving as descriptors for that script, and those will define the content of the generated structure. So eventually the user can add any number of scripts and any number of descriptors for each script. So what will happen during the world generation phase is that a location is selected for the structure, then a random script is selected that forms the structure, then a random descriptor is selected for that script for the content. The content in this case means main loot, random loot, and later mobs, boss mobs, traps and books. How the script uses the descriptor is entirely up to the script so anyone with enough programming experience can go quite far in modifying it, those with less experience can settle with modifying only the json files. When playing on a server only the server files are used and the client scripts dont have to match at all. So server admins can set up interesting locations for the players. Well, eventually, right now the locations are still completely random. Here is the current version of the specialitem.js: And here is one example of a descriptor for it, specialitem_swordofsharpness.json: Remember to delete the existing extracted script folder when updating to a newer version so that its extracted again with the new scripts.
  2. 0.4.2 - Fixed lots of worldgen crashes. Our test server currently has some login issues, you have to basically keep on loggin in and eventually it succeeds. I dont think its the mod, rather the numerous crashes maybe corrupted the world file... I could be wrong though.
  3. Made some fixes to the worldgen, this version should fix possible crashes. Also made further progress and has some very first implementation of scriptable dungeons. 0.4.1
  4. A heads up. Made some good progress on worldgen and quests. What i have settled for is a javascript enhanced quest system, and the generation of the dungeon in the picture below is controlled by a such a script. http://jupiter.planeetta.com/~iowarrior/images/2013-11-13_20.59.30.png[/img]
  5. Hey, things continue roll on. Got the first testable version with added worldgen, that is dungeons. Also as a nice addition, we are joing forces with hydroflame, where we'll combine my singleplayer design with his multilplayer server features. Being also more experienced with forge and graphics programming im happy to have him aboard. This is probably the last release containing just my stuff, mainly an update to 1.6.4 and some worldgen addition: 0.4.0 - Update to 1.6.4 - Added dungeon world structure generator
  6. Hey, going good. Been working on update to 1.6.4 and world generation. Should soon have a build and some more announcements.
  7. Thats really cool, will look forward to it. Even if this is a coremod i have some ideas how i would like to make my own mod work with it. Maybe some API to query for celestial events?
  8. This is pretty cool! Is it possible to configure the stars or the planets or even day and year length?
  9. Version 0.3.1 First Quest prototype added. A building might be generated in each village that contains a quest block. On activation the quest is given to the player. This first quest is called City Walls, and its about making the village safer. There are two phases in the quest; the inner city walls and the outer city walls. Upon completing each phase the player is rewarded with one XP level. Once fully completed it can no longer be obtained but prior to that multiple players can obtain it and then work on it collaboratively.
  10. Ah i see your point, compatibility between these two mods is a good thing to for me to keep in mind.
  11. FREINDSHIP!!!!1!! ps, if you were to combine your mods it'd be more like a modpack feel. Well, depends if we get the comms going on and it turns out we have a common goal. At this point i really cant tell. A successful project cant be based on just similarities. Like i said in my reply, a joint project would require some serious communication outside the forums to get the collaboration going on. And we haven't really been able to do that.
  12. Well , i have gotten some positive feedback, mostly offline from friends testing. But i didn't really expect much as this preview was released under the radar while still under development. Will be beating more drums when all the features start to get completed.
  13. So, after some thinking came to the conclusion that is not a good idea. Even if it would be possible to do for vanilla by updating a LOT of places as the inventory sizes are hardcoded basically everywhere, it would probably break with the first additional mod used for the same reason. Well, already went trough that with you outside the forums but also wanted to update this thread.
  14. Solved. As i suspected it had nothing to do with my actual containers or Guis, they all worked fine. It had to do with client/server separation and when i worked a couple of days ago to get the mod working on dedicated server i separated something in the wrong way and accidentially registered the GUIHandler only on the client side. Thanks anyway everyone for your answers even though they didn't really relate to my problem they definitely made me take another round of thoughts into those matters.
  15. Ill just recap here because seems you guys misunderstood some points: Im not doing a furnace so i wont use GuiFurnace or ContainerFurnace. I have done everything right from the start as suggested, everything works fine in multiplayer except with a dedicated server. Im using the latest forge recommended build. If you can point to me a mod that is supposed to work and covers this issue, then i will test that on the server and rule out a server/forge problem.
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