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  1. Whops, I missed the main release post in the Releses forum . Sorry for my unecessary post. @HMPerson: thx mfg Tobias
  2. Hi I have a problem with the latest forge build on minecraft 1.4.6. If I try to play Minecraft with a fresh forge-installation on a server that has forge installed I have rendering-bugs and chunks consisting of air and randomly placed blocks. Also placing/removing a block is not processed the right way. If i logout and login again to the server I see that the block remaind unchanged. It doesn't matter if there are any mods installed on client and/or server, I always get the same problem. After some time on the server I get a NullPointerException. Here is the display-output of the minecraft-Launcher on crash: A friend of mine has the same problem. We are both running Windows 7 64bit with Java 7 installed. I attached the logs, stacktraces and a screenshot of the bug. I hope that you can fix that bug as i also know people who have no problems at all with this foge-build. Thank you for your help Tobias P.S.: The attachment-function does not work for me . It always says that it can't access the upload-path. So I uploaded them externaly: http://pastebin.com/AK3mwBwZ http://pastebin.com/GatcM6JZ http://tbspace.de/content/images/mcfail.png
  3. OK, I created a pull-request on github. Hopefully it will be put into the code for 1.3. Thank you all Tobias
  4. Sorry for double-posting, but found the easiest way for all modders: public void addEffect(EntityFX effect, Object effectObject) { if (effectObject == null || !(effect instanceof EntityDiggingFX || effect instanceof ITextureProvider || effect instanceof EntityBreakingFX)) { addEffect(effect); return; } String texture = "/terrain.png"; if (effect.getFXLayer() == 0) { texture = "/particles.png"; } else if (effect.getFXLayer() == 2) { texture = "/gui/items.png"; } texture = ForgeHooksClient.getTexture(texture, effectObject); ArrayList<EntityFX> set = effectList.get(texture); if (set == null) { set = new ArrayList<EntityFX>(); effectList.put(texture, set); } set.add(effect); } Just a very small change in this if-statement. Would be really cool, if you could implement this in forge! Thank you Tobias
  5. Thank you for replying so fast. Yes, I could set up a special Renderer for that, but this is really complicated in comparison to Creating a MyParticleFX.java and just letting this implement ITextureProvider and then using: EntitySmilieFX var21 = new EntitySmilieFX(mc.theWorld, playz0r.lastTickPosX,playz0r.lastTickPosY,playz0r.lastTickPosZ, 0.1D, 1.0D, 0.1D,5); mc.effectRenderer.addEffect((EntityFX)var21,var21); but atm this public void addEffect(EntityFX effect, Object effectObject) { if (effectObject == null || !(effect instanceof EntityDiggingFX || effect instanceof EntityBreakingFX)) { addEffect(effect); return; } : : prevents this by calling addEffect(EntityFX) public void addEffect(EntityFX par1EntityFX) { int var2 = par1EntityFX.getFXLayer(); if (this.fxLayers[var2].size() >= 4000) { this.fxLayers[var2].remove(0); } this.fxLayers[var2].add(par1EntityFX); } Here, for some reason, the hashtable for linking a texture-file with the EntityFX is not used. Using custom particles would be a LOT easier with this small change. I think this would not be too hard to change. I'll change this for my mod, so I can use this the easy way. mfg, Tobias
  6. Hello I just saw that Forge has a hook in EffectRenderer.addEffect(EntityFX,Object) but there seams to be no ability to get a own texture into EffectRenderer.addEffect(EntityFX) with Forge. This would be very useful for easily adding custom particles. I don't know if there was this request before, but this part would have to be recoded a little bit. My mod needs to bypass this atm by changing an if-statement in minecraft. But I would like my mod to be fully Forge-compatible, so it would be very nice, if you could add this. P.S. I know, it is possible to do this in another way, but that is very complicated. not as nice as just letting the custom particle implement ITextureProvider Thank you Tobias
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