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  1. So I want to make placeable vehicle, which you can ride on any block except water or air of course. Where should I start? By creating it's item (on which right-clicking will lead to placing the vehicle), the model or EntityVEHICLENAME?
  2. Hello fellow modders, I have a little question and try to keep it as short as possible. So I've planned adding a few vehicles into my mod, but haven't found a tutorial anywhere. If you find any tutorial or would be so kind and explain it to me just let me know, I would be glad. Thanks in advance. -S P.S. I've looked up the boat and minecart classes, so save your time and don't suggest looking up to them.
  3. Thank, you. This solved the problem P.S. It wasn't necessary to use exclamation mark.
  4. Ok, so here is the BaseMod.class (TdmBase.java) code:
  5. Ok, I will put in the source code as soon as I come back.
  6. All letters are defined, but I think that those items I used in crafting are unregistered. Could you explain it to me/give me a link where it's explained how to register items? Edit: If you mean by typing public static ItemName under the public class BaseMod then yes I did that, for all items
  7. So I've encountered this problem when I try to add a crafting recipe for item from my mod using other items from my mod minecraft crashes on start up. Eclipse doesn't show any errors and I'm not sure what to do. All my items are in base mod class as well as their crafting recipes. However items that are crafted with vanilla minecraft items work just fine. If you need any part of code just let me know. Thanks in advance -S
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