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  1. Ejem... Not a normal use case, but possible when you install a mod that it's really badly made (a single block id per block in a "huge library of blocks". Missing pieces for example. A frozen world, as another example. Do this mistake too many times and you are forced to abandon your map. Or manually fix it by removing block id by block id with nbtexplorer, which it works fairly well if you clean the map from those blocks with mcedit, which is a pita because you have to note down block ID by block ID what was added by the removed mod. A mod is removed? Fine. Put it's blocks/items/etc in a black list registry. Then an external tool can turn all that blacklisted blocks into id 0 and clean the blacklist entries after looking at all the chunks. Am I missing something here? As I see it, it's a registry entry and an external tool that loops it, not rocket science... items would be harded, I know, except that most of block containers are fairly standard (chests and such). Only mod blocks would be a problem, and not an uncontrollable problem. And the point of letting players keep using a map that they played in for months? Well... do I really have to explain that?
  2. Oh, snap. So the problem it's not only cleaning the /FML registry, but also taking all the generated chunks, hunt for the blocks and change the block id for the air id. And with items it would be worse, it can be burrowed in the NBT data of other blocks... Then it may not be the kind of job for a forge command, but for an external tool or something that does the job during a server boot. Any chance of something like this coming from the Forge team, anyway? If we had a nice command line nbt editor/manipulator I could mix that with mcedit and do it manually, but with the current tools I don't see how we can do that kind of "map repair", more like "map refresh".
  3. There's this problem that people doesn't run into normally, that when you install a mod its blocks, objects, potions, etc are stored in the map registry, some data structure that links block name with the block ID used in the map. This thing is great for a player that gets a modpack, goes to start a new map and boom! there it works, or migrating a map from a previous modpack version to the next (or players that join a server with blocks disabled? I may have not understood that use case). However, if a player (or modpack maker) has been adding and removing mods to test them for the modpack in a single map, or the mods have been changing over time while you keep playing the same map, the block registry will get filled with entries that are spending block IDs that could be used for real, working mods. Could we please get a command that allows to remove the registry entries related to a mod, so that we can not only deinstall but "purge" it from a map?
  4. I'm pretty sure there should be a way to tell Forge not to log FINEST, FINE, etc log level messages, but I can't find it in google or this forum. Any help, please?
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