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  1. Hey Commiellama, Malaria still needs balancing, that's true. I wanted to somehow reflect the severeness but spending more than a season in bed is just not acceptable. For now, i will double or triple the chance of curing one disease point while sleeping when infected with malaria. Perhaps eventually i can make it so that a player who is sick may use the bed at day time, too. Cure disease potion (splash? why not!!) is a great idea and should also be very easy to implement. I never used potions because for me the magic/fantasy part kind of ruins the atmosphere. Still i would like to a
  2. Hey commiellama, Malaria can currently only be cured by sleeping like a cold. The repellent will just render you immune to the infection temporarily but won't help once infected. Now that i read your post i realize i've never tested the repellent item, it should be consumed by right-clicking. I put it on top of my fix list for the next update.
  3. Hey ninjapancakes87, Thanks for playing and especially leaving feedback!! "Cooca leaves" (not cocoa - perhaps i have to change the name it's already too confusing) can be harvested from Cooca plants. About the frustration: It even took me several times to finally survive the first days, although i knew all the factors influencing frustration. Once difficulty settings are introduced, the current balancing would certainly be 'hard' and there will be a 'normal' and 'easy' setting and also custom difficulty. Right now, it's set to the difficulty i like to play with. I know what
  4. New update is out! Traits tiers are an excellent idea, put them on the to-do list. Everything else should be fixed too, take a look at changes for v0.24. As i mentioned the culture balancing/mechanics have changed. You can update your world/files by: -shutting down server/client -remove myworld.txt in server/client folder -open your world in creative mode -remove broadcaster block (top block of your tower) -make sure all culture blocks below have neighbors at same height, so the tower is a solid 3x3xheight quad. -place a new broadcaster block on top -re-open in survival
  5. Hey, i'm sorry it's my fault. When i added traits i never thought about what would happen when all traits that i've implemented are used up: It'll result in an infinite loop, which leads to the errors you described. I will fix this in the new update coming today. Perhaps when a (5th) level up occurs and no (positive) traits are left, i will put in a chance to reduce base frustration. I'm not sure how you aged your world prematurely , but having the 'another season in the wilderness' message on day 34, infact any day that doesn't have '0' as last digit should not be possible. So i'l
  6. Sorry i forgot to post the lava bug. I already fixed it, update will be released in next 24 hours. I'm also gonna change nudist the way you suggested, sounds reasonable. Wow, you already have a broadcast tower? We will construct our first one before Spring around day 118, never had one in survival yet. The tower mechanics will change a bit in the update, too. I'll try to explain the changes in detail so you can adjust your world file according to the new balancing. There will be snowflakes coming from the sky in winter soon. Although, it won't cover the ground and water won't
  7. Thanks for the crash report. It's the same error as before, has something to do with potionEffects. I use a potionEffect to harm a player when he's walking barefooted on in the desert or freezing to death for example. If this isn't caused by an incompatibility with your other mods, this crash should happen in my game sooner or later too. I'll take a look at other modders code relating to potionEffects.. Crouching over cacti sounds horribly exciting. A friend of mine, who actually was the first player to ever gain the masochist trait used to set himself on fire in a controlled fashion a
  8. Commiellama, thanks again for your feedback! Ore generation is a tricky thing but is working seamlessly with industrialcraft which was my main goal. My modding methods are very intrusive and risky (in terms of mod compability) but are necessary to make things work exactly how i want them to. However, there could very well be a more compatible way to code certain things that i'm just not aware of. I don't think ore generation can be made more compatible, though, before forge and i upgrade to 1.7 At least, i will put an option to disable my custom ore generation in the config file which i
  9. Updated to v0.22. Couldn't reproduce the riding/freezing crash yet unfortunately.
  10. Thanks again for your feedback!! There seems to be a walking/running bug. The algorithm is just supposed to look at the distance covered during the last 10 seconds, if you covered more than 23 blocks of distance you are walking if you covered 30 you must be running. Me and a friend experienced it as well but weren't a 100% sure if it wasn't just us not paying attention to the feedback enough. I'll put it on the bugs list and look at is asap, since running especially is a great way to get rid of frustration. About the chat colors: i don't think it is possible, will take a look though.
  11. Hey Commiellama, I really appreciate you taking the time to register and posting feedback. I will put a .txt file in the next update containing a link to this thread and an email address, thanks, that's an important part i didn't consider. Indeed, there will be a way to reverse effects that right now can not be reversed (like the direct relation between number of deaths and chance to get a negative trait) or only stalled/stopped (like the growing base modifier added to the tendency every 30 seconds, growing each season unless culture is broadcasted). Religion will provide ways
  12. -- > StruggleCraft v0.27 < -- Gameplay Hardcore, "Don't Starve"-like survival mod. Adds elements of frustration and seasons to enhance gameplay. Stretches early- and mid-game time frame, while demanding more attention to detail, careful planning and steady progress. Makes nature an impressive force again: Now you can freeze to death, be hunted to death by a single skeleton archer, starve to death in winter if you didn't hunt or grow enough food during the year. StruggleCraft makes Minecrafts "survival" mode a SURVIVAL! mode, turning open-ended into how-many-days-can-you-
  13. Hey, I was looking for a file that shows the obfuscated class names from the minecraft source, but i cannot find the client.srg in mcp/conf/ . I found it in an older mcp install though, but this one i too old. Can i find the information somewhere else now? Thanks in advance
  14. I've tried for about 6 six hours now, but can't get it working. All the tutorials on deobfuscating where based on linux and im on windows. Perhaps the problem lies there. I installed from scratch twice and ran into exactly the same problem. When i execute deobfuscate_libs.py it says cannot find main class org.ldg.mcpd.MCPDeobfuscate. Anyone on windows got this scheisdreck working? i'm using: MCP + Forge (forge installer) latest version Narc's instructions: http://www.narc.ro/setting-up-mcp-deobfuscate (also gone through the README's of third-party jars) Is there any other way t
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