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  1. Somehow I knew that would be the answer well about 4 mods im gonna use a dinosaurs mod with some other mods that add like gadgets and stuff but also with sponge forge with plugins
  2. Hello im gonna get a modded forge server on a vps using centos 7. Problem is i don't have much experience with running a modded server. I have ran lots of normal spigot minecraft servers using linux but just wondering how much ram would my sserver need for a modded server?
  3. Hello when downloading forge or any forge no matter the version it comes up with a network error. It didn't do this yesterday. Also its not my internet
  4. Hello guys well Im going insane trying to get forge to install on my server I looked at the tutorial but that only explains how to install on your computer server I'm using a host and yes it is different I put all the forge server files into the directory restart the server but it still doesn't create a mods folder or anything can someone please explain how to do this on a bukkit dev host server thank you.
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