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  1. Note: I know this is technically a necro post, but I might as well add on to the previous post. If you implement your Schematic input as MultiMote has, your schematics start in the bottom NW corner. The following example assumes your for loops look something like this: (((pretend you are loading a 5x5x1 schematic (because it is hard to make 3d objects in a text document on a 2d screen )))) for(y = 0; y < schem.height; y++) { for(z = 0; z < schem.length; z++) { for(x = 0; x < schem.width; x++) { generate(...); }
  2. So you have a custom block, which should behave like a ladder? For that you don't need to access anything, just override the isLadder method mentioning in the code you've shown within your block class and return true. I have done that, it does not work. prop.comment = "Set this to check the entire entity's collision bounding box for ladders instead of just the block they are in. Causes noticable differences in mechanics so default is vanilla behavior. Default: false"; When I read this, I see I need to set it to true in order for a block ladder to work. Edit: Wo
  3. So I have a block that should behave like a ladder. And I have found the Forge Hook: public static boolean isLivingOnLadder(Block block, World world, int x, int y, int z, EntityLivingBase entity) { if (!ForgeModContainer.fullBoundingBoxLadders) { return block != null && block.isLadder(world, x, y, z, entity); } else { AxisAlignedBB bb = entity.boundingBox; int mX = MathHelper.floor_double(bb.minX); int mY = MathHelper.floor_double(bb.minY); int mZ = MathHelper.floor_double(bb.
  4. So basically I was over thinking it. *facepalm*
  5. With all due respect, The classes in the net.minecraftforge.fluid package do not contain any info on materials other than the basic registering of a material in the BlockFluid. (I just looked through every single fluid class {as you requested} and failed to find anything that would help me. (I currently have a forge fluid with Material.water. I would like to change this and make a new material) @Sequituri: Though your answer was not what I was looking for, thank you for responding promptly
  6. This could be anything. (currently I am trying to make a new MaterialLiquid (i'd be fine with Material.water, save for the splash sound and flying blue particles, which seem to be controlled by the material....) anyway, is this even possible? or is there a different way of doing this?
  7. So I have heard all of this talk about modloader finally being removed in Forge for 1.7....so my question is, how do we do we make worldgen (such as structures) in minecraft forge? [The only way I currently know of to make add structure world gen is to use the IWorldGenerator in FML....which is being removed...Is there another way to do so currently? Or is that just one of the many changes being made in the massive change list that is Minecraft Forge 1.7?]
  8. Thanks! (there are alot of basic minecraft modding tutorials out there, but i still feel so lost when I am looking through all forge stuff, thanks for shedding some light on the events stuff!)
  9. ]There is an entire package dedicated to them in Forge, yet I have no idea how to use them? What is it even for in the first place?
  10. Regardless of knowledge, it seems the best benefit of the forge community is encouragement. (I was expecting a bunch of GTFO-like comments, but instead I got real answers. Thank you!) @GotoLink: what I want to do is make a adventure mod based off the puzzle aspect of Golden Sun.
  11. So I've spent about half a year teaching myself Java and taking a class in college... So I feel pretty good about (finally) getting to start modding minecraft. I get forge set up; open the eclipse workspace;.... And become overwhelmed and decide I don't know anything... (There are some good basic tutorials for making basic mods and whatnot, but the sheer amount of packages makes more advanced modding daunting) How do I get started learning packages? (Without spending hours of trial and error testing out and messing around with each class) [i see there used to be a java doc, but
  12. So I've heard of single structures going up to 20,000 blocks..... Would 150,000 block structures be impossible?
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