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  1. For the purposes of simplicity I said that the block is a custom chest, in real is a ChestShop that allow to anyone to buy and sell an item from someone. I wish that this thing doesn't change anything. Here is the Block class The Container: And the GUI: (I'm Italian so some messages could be written in Italian)
  2. Mh... I still have the problem. In the tile class I put this: public boolean isUseableByPlayer(EntityPlayer par1EntityPlayer) { return this.worldObj.getTileEntity(this.xCoord, this.yCoord, this.zCoord) == this && par1EntityPlayer.getDistanceSq(this.xCoord + 0.5, this.yCoord + 0.5, this.zCoord + 0.5) < 64; } And in the Container class i put this, where chest is an instance of the type public boolean canInteractWith(EntityPlayer par1EntityPlayer){ return chest.isUseableByPlayer(par1EntityPlayer); }
  3. Hi, in my mod I want to do a custom chest. So I create the block, the tileentity, the container and the GUI following the tutorial in the wiki. My problem is that if someone breaks the block (chest) while someone else has the gui of the chest open, the gui doesn't close. This bug can be use to duplicate items because, after the breaking of the chest, the items in it will be droped, but you can either pick up the items in the gui even if the chest is broken. If someone could help, it will be great. Thank you very mush in advance.
  4. It's a few days that I'm fighting with this problem. I wanted to create a new book with a different crafting that could be enchanted in the enchanting table, so I created a new class which extends the ItemBook of vinilla minecraft. The problem is that I cannot enchant the book. This is the simple class that I create: public class ItemFBook extends ItemBook { public ItemFBook(){ super(); } } Any suggestion?
  5. Hello, I know that in vanilla minecraft there is a method that allows to send bytes to the connected server. Anyone knows about it? In Forge is implemented? Thank to all and sorry for my English
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