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  1. ok because I was kind of guessing at what to do that helps a lot
  2. Here Is A Screenshot of the code I have for the word that I want to have the kill counter. can either of you tell me what else I should do?
  3. when I use the addInformation NBT where would I put it in my code? Anywhere?
  4. to create a new tag i would go to net.minecraft.nbt and create a new tag?
  5. So i was wondering how to add a kill counter to a tool anyone have any ideas? I just want it so that when you hover the cursor over it, it will show how many kills the sword has
  6. I don't have a class called SidedProxy so that would most likely be a problem can you just give me a link to a tutorial so I can just start over?
  7. yes but where would the classname that I have to change be In the ClientProxy?
  8. where is a good updated tutorial that I can reference?
  9. ok now I am having trouble with my mod crashing when I test it in eclipse here is the error report
  10. Never mind it is now setTextureName Thanks for the help!
  11. oh ok thank you where can I find that out for sure?
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