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  1. well, my topic is quite old already, and i didn't have much time to replay as i was busy finishing my final exams. However i want to give it a last try. I don't want to make people disappointed by annoyingly long mining times and levels just to be on vanilla-level again when reaching max level, but skills in vanilla minecraft are quite op in multiplayer. In singleplayer you can easily do everything by your own. Mining, farming, woodchopping, building alone isn't much of a problem and after a vew days of collecting materials you basically have everything you need. The only purpose other players have in minecraft is to collect materials even faster, building bigger buildings together or showing who's the damn boss in the server by building a bigger castle than your friends. With my idea of this mod i want to archive 2 things i miss in vanilla minecraft. The first issue i'm trying to solve is the way how players have to interact with each other, but without these annyoing restrictions forcing you in a single job or role and prohibiting you to do anything else like some plugins ore mods do(Screw you "You can't hold an axe, because you are a miner"). Each player should be able to specialize a single skill to get quite a lot of advantages there, while he is still able to perform any action of any other skill, but muuuch slower than someone, who is specialized (so a level 300 woodchopper can chop down a while forest, while you, the mining-pro, who still has his wood chopping-level at ... lets say 12, are still strugeling in chopping down a few of this annoying large oak trees). So, if you want to make your caslte even more awesome by adding wooden floors you will have to trade your stones and ores with a woodchopper. The woodchopper now has a bunch ores needed for advanced tools, but his blacksmithing-level is quite low, so, if he doesn't want to use these stone-axe anymore, which he is barely able to craft himself, he has to go to a blacksmith, sell the ore and buy a diamond-axe from this guy. the second issue i hate is closely related to the first one, however. Vanilla minecraft gets boring after a certain ammount of time. There is notthing you can do, if you finished your building-project you were dreaming of, if you are tired of fighting your opponents and if you have a couple of chests filled with diamonds. This mod won't be able to solve this problem completely, but I'm trying to implement some MMO-features to expand the "lategame". You are no longer a one-man-mining-machine , which is able to dig into the world and form it to your wishes. You need time to learn to use your tools and you have to found factions, make friends and trade. You can - and this is very important to me - still do everything on your own, but you need time to master your skills, while your reward for this strugge are dozens of new items. (imagine you start Skyrim or any MMO at maxlevel, wouldn't that be boring soon, too?)
  2. Hey Guys. I'm not that good in making my point clear, especually in English, so don't blame me for my mistakes ^^ I'm sure a lot of people won't read long texts, so to draw your attention TL;DR: I'm looking for someone that makes my wishes of a mod based on my idea become reality, and I'm willing to pay (20-30 Euro via PayPal) for your work. For these, who want to konw more now: I already have this idea for a mod for months now, and a friend was even modding for me, but he got bored and stopped working very soon. Now I'm looking for somebody else, who could continue his project, or start a new one from scratch. I'll briefly tell you something about my concept (write a PM for detailed information) I always got bored on my Server after playing for some months. I built what i wanted to, there were too less players for pvp and my chests were full of diamonds, so i didn't have to mine anymore. I thought it would be interesing to have a developement. I didn't want people to dig down a hole and find their first diamonds just half an hour after they joined, but I neither wanted to forbid anybody to mine a diamond, if he gets one. So i developed a skill-system, which should solve this problem. Basically everybody is starting at level 0 and is able to scale his skill up to level 100. At level 0 you are less efficient than in vanilla Minecraft. For each new level you get promoted to you archive one skillpoint. Each skill has 3-5 uniqe perks, where you can spend your skillpoint. If you archieve a new level in the "mining" skill for example you can spend your skillpoint in the perks Efficiency (increasing your drop chances), Speed (increasing your speed) or Durability (increasing the hitpoints a pickaxe you use has before breaking). The blacksmith in comparison to the miner is't getting perks like speed, but if he has spent a certain ammount of skillpoints in one of his perks (armour, weapons, tools) he unlocks the recipe for more difficult tools (wood -> stone -> iron -> [....] -> diamond). To have a difference in the "lategame" a player is able to master one job, allowing him to expand the level way beyond level 100 (nearly vanilla if equally skilled). I want the different "Jobs" to interact with each other. A blacksmith for instance has to buy ressources from a miner to craft his weapons, while the miner has to deliver the blacksmith his ores to get good, efficient pickaxes for his work. In addition to that my friend and I planned a lot of new items and blocks like more weapons, a new anvil and a hammer for the blacksmith, a millstone for the farmer, new ores and much more. I think this should be enough to give everyone an idea what they would work on. If you want to complete or need further information this mod for me send me a pm.
  3. Good day Modders. To be honest this isn't a WIP yet. This mod was planned as a plugin but was dropped half-done. A friend of me told me he could re-write the parts already written in the plugin easily as a mod, but its too much work for him alone. Unfortunately I lack the skill to help him. Take the time and read my concept, maybe I can convince one of you to join us.
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