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  1. Ok. Thanks. I hope you're right. Don't have much choice anyway. Will keep the backup for a while in case something breaks later down the road.
  2. This is the full text of the warning: Forge Mod Loader detected missing blocks/items. There are 1 missing blocks and items in this save. If you continue the missing blocks/items will get removed. A world backup will be automatically created in your saves directory. Missing blocks/items: minecraft:lit_furnace And this leaves an impression that the conversion WILL affect the blocks of the world. Have no idea where I could get a lit furnace as an item. This is a survival world.
  3. It used to be a problem to install on my platform but I'll try again. Thanks.
  4. That's a good suggestion, but how can I find this lit furnace? It's definitely not on the frequently visited chunks. Probably something long forgotten in a temporary underground base.
  5. I'm trying to migrate my 1.8.9 world to 1.9. Both use recommended Forge versions. Getting the following warning in the process: Forge Mod Loader detected missing blocks/items. minecraft:lit_furnace And in the client log: ... [16:54:56] [server thread/INFO] [FML/]: Found a missing id from the world minecraft:lit_furnace ... [16:54:56] [server thread/ERROR] [FML/]: There are unidentified mappings in this world - we are going to attempt to process anyway [16:54:56] [server thread/ERROR] [FML/]: Unidentified item: minecraft:lit_furnace, id 62 ... What causes this problem and how serious it is? Any chances to get a corrupted world? Thank you, Full log can be found at http://ipros24.ru/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/fml-client-latest.log.
  6. I've tried build 916 and voilà DIM-1/data/Fortress.dat was created and matched one of the previous files created in vanilla 1.6.4 which is a good omen.
  7. Do I have to revert to 1.6.2 world and start over with "loading up important areas"? Or I can just switch to Forge build 916 from the current 1.6.4 world with already created *.dat files and continue? Are there any side effects of this bug which could have caused any incompatibilities of already created *.dat files?
  8. This is a continued conversation from http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php/topic,12748.0.html I followed the advise and started to "load up important areas of my world before heading into Minecraft 1.7" in Forge-1.6.4 profile ( - recommended version). After awhile I've noticed that Fortress.dat hasn't been created in any of the dimensions and I know it should be there as I started my go-round with visiting the only known fortress. So I switched to vanilla-1.6.4 profile and the file has been created. The files for Overworld structures are being created in Forge profile as expected. I don't see any errors in the logs. What might be the problem here? ForgeModLoader-client-0.log
  9. Thank you. I'll stay with Forge as you advised. The change for 1.7, which caused the need for 1.6.4 are in Forge for 1.6.4 however we do it differently - can you elaborate a bit on this? I've noticed 1.6.4 creates new Fortress/Mineshaft/Stronghold/Temple/Village.dat files. Will these files be in incompatible format or not used in Forge version at all?
  10. I that's the case you really have to bring this issue up with minecraft devs. I've tried 1.6.4 with Forge 1.6.4-recommended version and the maps are there all right. Now I have a practical question - should I "load up important areas of my world before heading into Minecraft 1.7" in unmodded version of minecraft and risk loosing my map data or should I use Forge version and risk loosing the fixes for world generation bugs that 1.6.4 provides? Thanks for your attention.
  11. I have 4 region maps at max zoom level on the wall in item frames. I can see the maps in Forge profile (1.6.2 latest version) even without ANY mods loaded but when I switch to vanilla 1.6.2 profile 3 out of 4 maps become blank and there are errors in the log (attached). If I run around with a copy of one of the blank maps not far from (0,0) it begins to show the explored area and finally is saved to NBT as a non-zoomed map activated at (0, 0). After that the number of errors in the client log on game restart is reduced by one. Please read https://mojang.atlassian.net/browse/MC-32511 for more details. I wouldn't expect any differences when switching profiles and I'm completely befuddled by this behaviour. Switching from Forge to vanilla minecraft may cause the maps to be corrupted. What do I do now? Can I somehow force the maps to be saved in vanilla minecraft-compatible format? I didn't even expect switching to Forge may cause this sort of incompatibility. If you need more information please let me know. ForgeModLoader-client-0.log Vanilla 1.6.2 log
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