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  1. I tried to download the 1.6.4 version, but the link didn't work!
  2. I'm sorry for responding to a relatively old post, but I have the answer! This behavior happens when the mod is installed (or working) only on the client side, but not on the server. What is happening is your client shows you the crafting recipe (GUIs are client-only), but when you click on it, the server says "Hey! That block doesn't exist, undo what you just did!" (the server handles your inventory). To solve this problem, you need to put another copy of the mod in the server's mod folder and also make sure that the files in the server's config folder are identical to those in your client's config folder (easiest thing to do is just delete the config in the server and copy-paste the config files from your single-player game). In case you're new to the terminology, the client is the Minecraft game (which you used to join the server) and the server is the text-based thing that you launch with the Forge server jar.
  3. Dr. Cyano's Basic BuildCraft Machines I made this mod to give BuildCraft a larger role in basic Minecraft play by introducing machines and tools that improve upon vanilla machines and tools. This is similar to Thermal Expansion, but not nearly as ambitious. I don't intend to introduce new ores or engines, just some easy-to-use machines that let you throw BuildCraft energy at typical vanilla Minecraft gameplay activities. If you play with BuildCraft in 1.6, please give this mod a shot and post your feedback here! Updates: 2013-11-15: added BCTools compatibility and added the Oil Lamp and Oil Can 2013-11-2: added the light box. I now consider this mod mature, though there are still a few more things on the to-do list. 2013-10-31: added tools that are rechargeable with BuildCraft energy (MJ) and a Charger block for recharging them (screenshots coming soon). This mod is still a work in progress. Here's the TODO list (- = not done, ~ = half-done, + = done): + Basic Machine Frame: item used in all machine recipes from this mod (can also be placed as a neat-looking block) + Iron Furnace: A furnace powered by MJ + Storage Cell: A block that stores MJ X Sorter: uses a filter to divert specific items from a transport pipe network without the complication (or customization) that most other mods introduce (removed from planning because the diamond transport pipe is better than what I had in mind) + Light Box: MJ-powered torch + Pneumatic Drill: Buildcraft-powered pickaxe + Pneumatic Saw: Buildcraft-powered axe + Pneumatic Gun: Buildcraft-powered bow + Charger: Recharge items that use BuildCraft energy (like the above pneumatic tools) + Lamp: Oil-powered torch - Growth Chamber: uses MJ and water to grow crops - Composter: turns waste items into mulch, which can be used as fertilizer Recipes Blocks Tools Links For Minecraft 1.6.4 (Forge version CyanosBasicMachines-0.5.0.zip Older Versions: CyanosBasicMachines-0.4.2.zip CyanosBasicMachines-0.3.1.zip CyanosBasicMachines-0.2.0.zip More Details: MinecraftForge posting License/Mod Packs/Redistribution This mod is open source and developed under the Minecraft Mod Public License: http://www.mod-build...om/MMPL-1.0.txt. You may do whatever you like with it, but remember to give credit to me (Cyanobacterium aka Dr. Cyano aka Synechocystis).
  4. I've created two light-weight mods for adding some more iconic magic to Minecraft. Dr. Cyano's Wonderful Wands Dr. Cyano's Wizarding Robes
  5. https://raw.github.com/chessmaster42/TombStone/master/images/gui_background.png[/img] TOMBSTONE TombStone is a mod originally created by Chessmaster42 for Minecraft (Forge Mod Loader). It is a "death chest" mod (i.e. it stored your inventory in a chest when you die so you can take your time getting back to it). What I like most about TombStone is that it doesn't require you to carry any special item for it to work and since it uses a custom block, you can't use repeated suicides to farm chests. Furthermore, you can craft decorative tombstones to give you Minecraft village a graveyard. Original mod posting (very old): http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php/topic,6030.0.html Features: - Creates a tombstone when you die that shows your username, cause of death, and date of death - Stores your inventory on death in the tombstone, which can be accessed like a chest (it does not take items from hoppers) - Option to change security level on the tombstones (anyone can loot, team only looting, or owner-only looting) - Tombstones have 16 orientations, like a sign post) - Customizable date formatting Screenshots: Download Links: Complete sourcecode: https://github.com/cyanobacteruim/TombStone Mod only: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/21975883/Minecraft/mods/tombstone/TombStone-1.6.4_0.8.1.zip Older: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/21975883/Minecraft/mods/tombstone/TombStone-1.6.2_0.7.5.zip https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/21975883/Minecraft/mods/tombstone/TombStone-1.5.2_0.5.1.zip Original Mod: https://github.com/chessmaster42/TombStone License/Modpacks This mod is open source (and available for free on GitHub). You may distribute with your modpack or server. However, be sure to give credit to Chessmaster42 for inventing this mod. I've been helping Chessmaster42 keep the TombStone mod up to date and I think it no longer needs the "work in progress" (WIP) label. The TombStone mod now does exactly what it advertises and does it well.
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