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  1. Mod updated for MC 1.8. The MC1.9 and 1.10 are not available because there is a bug.
  2. Hi I have bad news for you : having big problems and lack of time , there will be no version 1.8 of the mod. Really sorry..
  3. Mod updated for MC 1.7. At the moment, MC1.8 mod version is not available.
  4. Mod updated for MC 1.7
  5. Hi I present to you the This_is_Halloween's fourth version : a nice mod to celebrate Halloween. Summary : I. Content II. Some Pictures III. Download IV. The Setup V. Any Bugs or Idea ? I. Content (You can view all on the mod's wiki : thisishalloween.wikia.com ) 1) The News There are now 17 candy , a cimetery and lava lake's generation, items, 2 tombs, a cobweb and pumpkin's generation, 3 monsters (vampire, ghost and mummy), a vampire, mummy and ghost's suit, 6 sound which played the night, 4 neutrals mobs and a new dimension. II. Some Pictures III. Download Lastest version (version 1.3 minecraft 1. : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hspy99wh5ui4vkl/AABWJHqlQhotmRNpMkz9NXZYa?dl=0 (MC1.9 and 1.10 are not available at the moment) All versions : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ekxpco71ip7dhfz/AADMN-cVYAamH9RHF1xYgB8Fa?dl=0 IV. The Setup To install this mod, install Forge. Then, put on .jar file in a folder called mods being in .minecraft . V. Any Bugs or Idea ? You find a bug or you have one/several idea for the futur of mod ? Please let me know by replying to this topic or send me an email to : axaurus@gmail.com
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