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  1. Update: Ive noticed that none of the smelting recipes are working either. golly gee this is a mess:/
  2. Sorry, but where exactly should something like that go? Because like I said earlier, I have ended up replacing a lot of my code with vanilla code just to test and the problem still persists.... sorry for the noob question.
  3. Are you referring to this? because that is something that I have tried playing with, but all of those measurements, and the code itself is actually identical with vanilla code right now. Shouldn't that be right?
  4. Update: So I have actually gone and replaced the tileentity class, container class, and gui class with vanilla code and every time I get the same result....where on earth could this bug be....
  5. ugh I am such a cotton headed ninny muggins. Thank you for bringing this to my attention!
  6. Hello friends, so first off I am new to modding so I am sorry if i ask a bunch of nooby questions.I have been trying to create my own custom "furnace"(its not a actual furnace but it acts like one)and when I go in game and open my gui when I try and grab some items from certain slots it instantly gets put back, but if I move over exactly 6 slots and click it will now pick up that item.Now, naturally I just thought I had gotten some measurements wrong so I compared it to vanilla furnace classes (it uses the furnace gui for right now to get rid of bad measuring) but everything is pretty spot on.
  7. I actually have tried to import my main class. even typing it in myself than letting eclipse doing it and it doesn't get recognized. I actually have been told I need to import it several times but it just won't take the main class.
  8. it says "spartsnicknacks.instance cannot be resolved to a type"
  9. Hello friends, So I have been following a few very good tutorials because I am very new to modding. everything has been going very good up until now. I am trying to get a GUI up on my block but I can't get the instance to work. it won't register in my block class. In my main class it seems to set up fine but when I try and use it in another class it doesn't go through. I have tried several different ways like changing around the Mod Id's and everything. I know the instance is suppose to be set to the main class and I'm pretty sure I have everything right. I just can't ge
  10. Hello friends, before I start I would like to declare my noob status when it comes to modding. I am slowly learning thanks to some awesome tutorials so please stick with me. So I was wondering if there is any specific place where I can go to find out what some functions have been named? for example I'm looking for "func_111207_a" a friend of mine told me I can chat with a bot in MCP-modding IRC but I can't find that bot in the list so I figured I would come to you guys for some help. thanks for any input you have!
  11. Heya friends! So I will be honest, I am pretty new at modding. I have been following vswe's modding tutorials and loving it so far. But I have seemed to be caught up on something. I am trying to create a Gui handler for a block I am trying to create but at this line public GuiHandler() { NetworkRegistry.instance().registerGuiHandler(Spartsextras.instance, this);} The "Spartsextras.instance" isn't registering as the instance. it does in the blocks main file though so it does work..... any and all help would be much appreciated! I will leave pastebins of my main mo
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