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  1. Thanks, that worked, but now I have another problem: this is my code: But ingame every my item takes the name of the last one that is registered(Iron Hoe Head). Am I Missing something??
  2. Vec3 Pool Size: ~~ERROR~~ NullPointerException: null 2013-10-31 20:45:41 [iNFO] [sTDOUT] Initializing LWJGL OpenAL 2013-10-31 20:45:41 [iNFO] [sTDOUT] (The LWJGL binding of OpenAL. For more information, see http://www.lwjgl.org) 2013-10-31 20:45:41 [iNFO] [sTDOUT] #@!@# Game crashed! Crash report saved to: #@!@# *****\crash-2013-10-31_20.45.40-client.txt AL lib: (EE) alc_cleanup: 1 device not closed crash report Code that is probably causing it: Itemstack blaBla = new ItemStack((note that i dont have Item because it doesn't recognize it)le_item);
  3. I need an alloy furnace like block, but only with 2 slots(taking in mind quantity items). Usually I would look into redpower source, but redpower is not source. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Omg, he was 1 day ahead, just about to make the same thing... Anyways thanks guys, good thing my mod has something more...
  5. As I said i started proggraming 2 days ago. What is ASM/reflections?
  6. Title I need help, I want to change what iron and gold drops, but i dunno the event that is doing it so I can't hook it. The only way i managed to do it is editing the BlockOre vanilla class, but this may cause mod incompatibility. I also want to remove some vanilla recipes without editing vanilla classes or is it uneccesery? NOTE: I started modding forge 2 days ago, without knowing the java or any other language.
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