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  1. Hello Guys, I'm kinda new to Forge-Modding, but I'm trying to create a Addon for IC2. Right now I got a custom Machine with a Own GUI'n'Stuff. So currently my Machine has Bars where it shows you the Level of the Stored-Energy (Displayed by a Vertical Bar which filles up). And I want to add a Text-Box to it when you hover over it. Some other Mods have this feature and it's kinda nice, that's why I wanted to implement it. But I got a Problem with detecting if the Mouse Moves I already tried mouseMovedOrUp(), but it somehow only triggers by Clicking in the GUI (I check it in at the beginning of the Method, not after checking the which). So has someone an Idea how to keep track where the Mouse is?
  2. I have tried to create an Custom Machine as an Addon of IC2. I created an basic Furnace an chnaged allready some methods ti work like an Machine. I couldn't try it with Energy/IC2 yet, but I'm anyways not going to ask that in here. So the problem is: - I'm able to place Items into all Slots, but it shouldn't be possible. - When you try to get the Item/Block out of the Slot, it disapears. When I rightclick on it, I only get a 4th part of it (My English isn't best so: 64 in Slot, rightclick I get 16 in Hand). 16 In the Slot, 16 in the Hand. The rest also disapears. SourceCodes: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/483a2d70c94f2865582f Tanks in advance to all
  3. So I created now an new Class for IInventory (like an TileEntity Class) and changed the methods. But now I got troubles with my GuiHandler xP Sometimes I think I should quit modding >_> Anyways: Code (Too short for an own Link etc. I think) *What do I have to set iteminventory?
  4. Thanks for the fast answere, but I still get some Problems with my ItemClass. I'm not sure if it's caused by the getStackInSlot or by the onItemRightClick Source Code of my Item + Errors on the Bottom of the File: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/e1663ecee92313896e45 Can someone help?
  5. Hey, I'm currently stucking on a Mod which opens an GUI by rightclicking an Item. The GUI is displaying and everything works fine, expet the Containers. I'ld need an Slot which is from the Item, like the Slot from an TileEntity. I've never made a Container without an TileEntity and also didn't found any helpfully yet Hope you can help me, thanks -PreFiX
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