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  1. I wasn't sure where to but this since this isn't for forge itself. Anyways, I would like to be able to change my username on forums. Also, we be nice if we could at least be able to close our accounts if we don't want to use it anymore. The main reason I'm asking for this is because I want make my username match across all my accounts on the internet. Also, most, if not all websites do this already. It has come common place to be able to fully customize your account and even be able to close and/or delete your account.
  2. I've just started playing on a new map using the Galacticraft Modpack and my game crashed when I add copper ingots to my semltery. I like to point out that some of the mods are not normally in this modpack and I removed a few mods as well. http://pastebin.com/LmG8utFE
  3. I did that and it still crashed. Here is my crash log. I was unable to pastbin my Forge log file because I keep getting a connection was reset error. http://pastebin.com/4VmyXeag
  4. Thanks, but I'm not using the vanilla launcher. I'm using MultiMC 5.
  5. Could you tell me how to do that. I still don't know much about java.
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