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  1. haha yeahhhh us mac gamers are spread thin and few but thats all I've got to code on until i build my pc... which requires money... which requires a job.... yeahhh not fun oh well
  2. pngs arent that big haha most of the information used will be simple text i am not a graphics guy by any means so layout will be pretty basic unless someone wishes to make me a nice gui for each of the mod names, each mod will also have its own subcategory in which it will have its own information about the mod, and im fairly certain this will take a while to catch on. TBH it shouldn't be difficult at all. the app will basically be a mobile version of the mods wiki.
  3. Hey Everyone! I am a beginning ios coder and wish to make an app that would be a good resource to any user of your mods! The idea of this app is to basically provide on offline description of your mod, the blocks, in your mod, as well as recipes and such. now you may be saying well weve got NEI for that porpoise(pun intended) exactly, NEI doesn't have everything that we wish it could, this app would include links to online wikis/donation links, this is merely a way to bring your mods to the masses of the minecraft world. so let me know what you guys and gals of the coding universe think and get back to me! hope to hear from you guys soon
  4. Hai everyone just getting started in the mod communtiy and cant get forge working im on mac osx 10.9 mavericks java jdk is up to date just installed today, java itself is up to date just installed yesterday http://pastebin.com/WPHqKZYS thanks for taking your time to read this also i have done the chmod +x install.sh to no avail
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