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  1. Hello, I'm experiencing with the new Rendering Registry for Forge 1.8 And I'm trying to load a B3D model file generated by Blender using the add-on provided by RainWarrior https://github.com/RainWarrior/B3DExport But the B3DLoader is giving me this error: [XX:XX:XX] [Client thread/ERROR] [FML]: No root mesh in model tests:models/item/Test.b3d and no mesh name in location, skipping Does anyone have a clue on how to fix it? I checked everywhere on github for a mod using this method and apparently no one is using it. I looked at the source and the error seems to come from here: if(!(model.getRoot().getKind() instanceof Mesh)) { FMLLog.severe("No root mesh in model %s and no mesh name in location, skipping", modelLocation); return ModelLoaderRegistry.getMissingModel(); } Here's the code which is loading the model in my proxy: IModel model = ModelLoaderRegistry.getModel(new ResourceLocation(BaseReferences.MODID+":item/Test.b3d")); Any help is appreciated!
  2. Oh, Thats problably why then .... (I'm using Gradle) Still thanks!
  3. Hi, Since yesterday I've been trying to add a custom sound to my mod... and the wiki is outdated for that http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Sounds_For_Forge_1.3.2. public class YourMod_EventSounds { @ForgeSubscribe public void onSound(SoundLoadEvent event) { try { event.manager.soundPoolSounds.addSound("your/sound.wav", YourModBaseClass.class.getResource("/path/to/your/sound.wav")); // This line here is my problem } catch (Exception e) { System.err.println("Failed to register one or more sounds."); } } } The error i'm getting is ''The method addSound(String) in the type SoundPool is not applicable for arguments (String, URL)" I tried without 'MODNAME.class.getRecource'. But no luck I Hope you can help Thanks, Regards.
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