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  1. Thanks, I switched it to an iterator and it worked. I was able to remove the features after the game had loaded but before they generated.
  2. How did you remove/prevent the generation? Because when I use f.remove() I get a ConcurrentModificationException.
  3. Thanks, it worked! I generally try to avoid reflection because I don't want to accidently break the game... I was hoping there would be a better way to implement trees, but considering the constructor itself is private, I guess there's not many options available. I kinda wish there was a consistent tutorial for trees, but I suppose that'd be hard since mojang keeps changing things between updates. The mod I'm working on is for 1.14, 1.15, and now 1.16, and each update has different code for trees, like they keep getting more and more modularized/customizable. Which certainly isn't a b
  4. Even though the registry has? public static final Registry<TrunkPlacerType<?>> TRUNK_REPLACER = createRegistry(TRUNK_PLACER_TYPE_KEY, () -> { return TrunkPlacerType.STRAIGHT_TRUNK_PLACER; });
  5. I'm trying to add custom trees to my mod and to do that I need a custom Trunk. The only way to do this is to register my own type using: private static <P extends AbstractTrunkPlacer> TrunkPlacerType<P> register(String key, Codec<P> type) { return Registry.register(Registry.TRUNK_REPLACER, key, new TrunkPlacerType<>(type)); } The issue though is that it errors on the new TrunkPlacerType<>(type) saying "Cannot infer type arguments for TrunkPlacerType<>". And if I delete TrunkPlacerType<> I get an error on Register.registe
  6. I've updated my 1.14.4 mod to 1.15.2 and it turns out sign rendering has been somewhat improved/changed. So I changed from using a direct resource path to the atlas. Good thing is that the sign render for the block works, problem is that the sign render for the sign edit screen doesn't because that uses packets to communicate from server to client and I just don't understand that stuff. So I'm asking for help to get my sign edit screen working, below are images of the issue along with my code. Thank you in advanced. Sign edit screen: Sign: Wood Types:
  7. Like this? @Mod.EventBusSubscriber(modid = BiomeEnhancements.MOD_ID, value = Dist.CLIENT, bus = Mod.EventBusSubscriber.Bus.MOD) public class ModSignTextureStitch { public static final ResourceLocation BAOBAB = new ResourceLocation(BiomeEnhancements.MOD_ID, "entity/signs/baobab"); public static final ResourceLocation MANGROVE = new ResourceLocation(BiomeEnhancements.MOD_ID, "entity/signs/mangrove"); public static final ResourceLocation PALM = new ResourceLocation(BiomeEnhancements.MOD_ID, "entity/signs/palm"); @SubscribeEvent public static void onStitchEvent(TextureStitchEvent.Pr
  8. How did you add to the sign atlas? I'm experiencing the same issue.
  9. I forgot to include my data tags because I thought it was assumed I had them. data/minecraft/tags/blocks/saplings.json { "replace": false, "values": [ "biome_enhancements:baobab_sapling", "biome_enhancements:mangrove_sapling", "biome_enhancements:palm_sapling" ] }
  10. Alright, so I created a custom tree in 1.14.4 and it works fine, but when I updated to 1.15.2 I had a few errors and had to switch from using a no_feature_config to a tree_feature_config (though I still don't use that config in my custom tree generation). When I generate a tree using my custom sapling, everything is fine except that the sapling does not get replaced by wood. When I generated my tree as a normal minecraft tree with my tree's config I had no such issues, it is only when I generate the tree using my tree's features. Another thing I've noticed is that my custom trees generate perf
  11. Hey, I was wondering if there is a way to add an edge to a custom biome using Forge. Like have a biome spawn surrounded by other biomes. My idea is like having a mountain peak biome spawn with mountains surrounding it. I'm able to do this in Fabric and am trying to port it to Forge.
  12. Thank you, I got it working and I really appreciate your help. I can't believe how stupid I was though, I checked the sign blocks to see if there was anything related to tile entities, didn't even notice that they were extending an abstract sign class. This whole time I was looking for how the Item class called the tile entity. The last thing I need then is texturing my sign blocks, Now that I can actually place it in the world I see that they all have the oak texture instead of my custom sign textures (placed in assets/Mod_ID/textures/entity/signs folder) Edit: figured
  13. Can you post your solution? I'm lost on how I'm supposed to pass my custom SignTileEntity to the SignItem class. I have my custom SignTileEntity extend Minecraft's SignTileEntity and override the TileEntity::GetType so that it returns my custom SignTileEntityType. But my custom SignTileEntity::GetType is never called. When I place my custom SignItem into the world it calls world.getTileEntity which somehow returns Minecraft's SignTileEntity (I tried following it in the debugger and it wouldn't reveal where it gets the tile entity from).
  14. Thought I'd give an update. I got my idea working, but through somewhat unconventional means. I tried getting the structure to work with no avail. Perhaps in the future I'll revisit how structures work when I have a more uniform structure (like the witch hut, desert pyramid, or jungle temple; something that'll always spawn the same way), but for this I decided to stick with the oasis being a feature. Spawning is pretty much the same, the only difference is that I placed my custom sapling and then forced it to grow into a tree. I also randomly placed reeds, grass, and flowers around the lake.
  15. Is this on the right track of how to generate a structure? It doesn't seem to be spawning in the game. public class OasisStructure extends ScatteredStructure<NoFeatureConfig> { private static final int seedModifier = 2521523; private static final Random random = new Random(seedModifier); public OasisStructure(Function<Dynamic<?>, ? extends NoFeatureConfig> config) { super(config); } @Override public String getStructureName() { return "Oasis"; } @Override public int getSize() { return 1; } protected int getDistance() { return 20; }
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