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  1. Hello everyone. Is there a tutorial or some documentation on how to use forge multipart? I would like to use it to do some stuff in my mod and make my pipes have multiple bounding boxes, because, for now, they have a full block bounding box.
  2. Hello everyone. I am working on some cables for my mod, I got the models working, textures, they work but I cannot seem to be able to add multiple bounding boxes or something to make them be like other mods, right now I have them be the full block but I would like them to be only the pipe model. Is there a way to add multiple block bounds? Not collision boxes, those are not hard.
  3. I just found out a new thing, Do stuff on the client and server and sync your TEs..Why does no tutorial tell you to sync your tile entities and do stuff on the client and server side?
  4. Well, markBlockForUpdate is not working, markBlockForRenderUpdate is... Minecraft is like f*** logic
  5. As I said in my previous post, when I tried to sync them they broke completely... the texture never updates properly, only when I right click on it. I might have found a bug or something... I am doing the world.markBlockForRenderUpdate on the server, the description is telling me that if you put it on the server it doesn't do anything, well, actually, it updates my block properly??? How is that even possible?
  6. Doing that actually broke my block completely How could I easily update my block? I think that might be a problem, the way I'm updating it doesn't work, it works properly only on a block update And I found another way that might work, using the MinecraftServer.getServer() stuff P.S.:I need to re-render it after I do something to the tile entity
  7. I found a way, I'm using the world provider, that gives you the server world
  8. I just got arround to testing that, it seems like it's not using the server tile entity, how could I get and use that?
  9. That's what I was missing, a block update, tanks
  10. Hello everyone. I need to change the individual icons per side of my block, but, it seems like the getBlockTexture function gets called once when the world loads, how could I get the icon based on something from the tile entity?
  11. Is there a way to combine icons? I need a lot of different states for my block, I don't want to have a lot of textures
  12. If I will have a TE and stuff, should I use a TileEntitySpecialRenderer? I will have it look like a normal square block, but I need it to have textures that can change. I never used an ISimpleBlockRenderingHandler because the only thing I used special renderers for was a chest-like thing that still has no animation and sound ;( What do you think I should use?
  13. Hello everyone I'm working on a mod and I need to change dinamically based on a variable in my tile entity a part of the texture, like a progress bar but for something else, how could I do that? A few good examples I know are the energy cells from from thermal expansion and the machines from forestry. Is that hard to do? I don't have any open source mods to check out that do that... Why are there closed source mods? Yes, I know, but still, I want to see all of the sources, I like to learn new stuff, mostly how Azanor does his particles and stuff
  14. As I said, the problem is when shift clicking from the tile entity to the player inventory, that decrement stack size function from the furnance didn't change anything
  15. Soo...what is the problem? decrStackSize? Why would that be a problem in a chest Well, I'll try that when I get back home.
  16. Well, the code is the exact same, copy paste... A few names changed but that's it. When I say that my code is the same as it is there then it is (6 years of java). I tried to get it from a lot of other sources, all of them did the same. Container: http://pastebin.com/u7XMwF2K (It's an exact copy with the names changed) TE: http://pastebin.com/Wfesgiy7 (Exact copy with changed names) The block, do you really need that?
  17. You are registering the recipes before you initialized the Copper Axe, you just have to put the Recipes.init(); after you initialize all of your items, blocks and tools.
  18. All of the classes are here: http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Containers_and_GUIs
  19. I need the actual block object, I need to get it's hardness and mining level
  20. Is there a way I could get the block at a specific coordinate?
  21. Hello everyone, I was looking at the tutorials on the wiki and I saw the one for Containers and GUIs, I implemented it, it works great but there's a little problem, when I do the shift + click stuff it doubles my item, I tried to look at a lot of different sources, implemented it a lot of times and it still doubles my items, what could I do? The problem is when transfering from the tile entity's inventory to the player inventory.
  22. It was a good idea until I realized that the method that I need is in the player class
  23. Hello everyone, while working on my mod I tried to make a chest, I followed the containers and GUIs tutorial from the wiki, it works, but, there is a small problem, when I try to transfer my items by doing shift+click, when transfering stuff from the tile entity to my inventory, the items get doubled, here is the code for the transferStackInSlot function: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/5c4df7bcc699c46c12ae
  24. I found the method but, overriding it, that never came into my mind, thank you for the idea:) Why it was slowing down the player it was because it was making the player have the same things as when eating, holding a sword, drinking potions.
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