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  1. Hello, I seem to be in a spot of trouble. I have 2 mods, one which actually does things in the game, and the other that is more of an API to my other mods. In build.gradle, I have managed to list it as a dependency, and it imports as a Library just fine. The only issue is, all the method names and fields don't seem to be de-obfuscating themselves. To put it simply, the 'Core' mod (api) is packaged using gradlew.bat build , and that works just fine. But, when I import it as a dependency using build.gradle (and then refreshing the workspace and what-not), the method names in the .class' are all obfuscated still, is there anyway for me to de-obfuscate these on import? Thanks in advance. -Source
  2. Hello there. My first mod deals with a bunch of custom user commands. I have coded it using the latest 1.7.2 forge src. The mod runs fine in the IDE (Eclipse). When I package the mod from the bin folder, the game runs fine, until I try to load a world, at which point the game will return to the main menu. Here is the log: The code to register the commands is here: Thank you in advance
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