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  1. Hello, I haven't played Minecraft since 1.6.4 because I waited months for all my mods being updated to 1.7.10. Now I wanted to play it, but I got massive lags which make the game unplayable. I'm running Minecraft 1.7.10 with the current recommended Forge version 1230. I also tried earlier and newer versions, none with success. I got two machines I tested MC on. My machine: Windows 8.1 x64 i5-2500K @ 4.5 Ghz (Quad) AMD Radeon R9 290 (4GB) 8 GB DDR3 RAM Java 8 (latest) JRE (Yes, I used latest Java 7 JRE for the below mentioned tests, but this doesn't change anything - I tried 8 later) Reference machine: Windows 8.1 x64 Celereon G1620 2 x 2.70 Ghz GeForce GTX 560 Ti (2GB) 4 GB DDR3 RAM Now here two screenshots (using Forge & Optifine) with activated Profiler & Lag-O-Meter. My machine: Reference machine: As you can see, with nearly 80 Mods activated, Minecraft runs perfectly smooth and fluid on the Reference machine, which is indeed A LOT weaker when it comes to CPU-Performance. On my machine I get terrible lags and the tick times are incredibly high. I mean take a close look at the Profiler. On my machine most of the time is used for tick updates while on the reference most is used for rendering. I also get 30 FPS less than on the reference. Meanwhile I can definetly say it's Forge's fault. I tried Vanilla Minecraft on my machine and it runs smooth without the tiniest lag @ 80 FPS. When using Forge without a single mod, I get all these stutters and lags. The tick times increase to double the value with all mods activated. Please don't tell me my system can't handle Minecraft with 80 Mods. That reference machines does it with ease, so nope. I got told this way too often. It's definetly not my hardware. And moreover then Vanilla wouldn't run perfectly here. Lags appear all the time, but just short ones. As soon as it comes to generating new Chunks, then really hefty lags set in (that's when a lot of warnings appear in the log, see below). Another thing is, though MC runs at 30 FPS on my machine (with mods) it feels not fluid playing it. As the lag-o-meter shows, all few ticks appear to be a more intense lag which cause this behaviour as 30 FPS should appear to be fluid - but it stutters when moving around, simply micro lags. Really strong lags also appear when opening the UI (chests for example). So as you guys request, here the FML log and the client log (which shows warnings "Clientside chunk ticking took 100+ ms"): I really hope you guys can help me, as every other person hasn't managed to do so. I really want to play MC again, but not without mods. Maybe the creators themselves know what could cause this behaviour. Thanks for your help, ForceGear
  2. Okay... I tried it this way. The only problem is: I have to place the block AND then click on it. Only after this step my block gets connected. Is there a solution to do this without having to click the block? So the event fires (for this block, not for the one on which top you built the block) instantly when placing?
  3. Hello guys, I would suggest to implement a hook which fires an event once a player placed a block. It should give you information about where and which block was placed (and maybe which player did place the block). It would be very helpful. I'm currently searching for a solution, because I need to find all blocks of type X in range of 50 blocks (each axis). If I run through all blocks (this every 5 seconds) as I now do this will cause probably some lags and is a really un-performant solution. If my block would have been noticed everytime this block X was placed, it would save massive resources for searching those blocks. The calculation of how far this block is away is no problem at all. So please implement this hook (if it's not already in and I just found nothing in the docs...) Greets ForceGear
  4. Sure could I use Java. I just don't like the syntax and .Net has a huge amount more features than Java. And I'm not used to Java's SDK. I know all important namespaces of .Net, but nothing in Java. It's a hell to work with it, because I always have to look for the right thing. Even if they were nearly the same, the different naming conventions make it hard again. It would be hard to do this on my own (I think). It would take a lot more time after Forge is released to apply the changes. I'll take a look at Forge, but I don't think that it's a work for one person, or do I err?
  5. Hello guys, I just thought about how awesome it would be if I could enhance Minecraft by writing C# mods. Really, I hate Java and I can't get used to it. This would be really cool to see. So, I found this one: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1058640-125-wip-opensource-modbridge/ Sadly, it's an abandoned project which is really old. The interop of Java and C# is possible, that's no question. It's just a question of how to make Minecraft and moreover Forge compatible with that. Would this be possible if there were some guys who helped integrating it or did the work to make Forge compatible with C# mods? I hope this is possible anyhow. A plain bridge between Minecraft and C# is useless. Everyone uses Forge and indeed it's just great. So if Forge isn't compatible with those mods, it won't make sense even to start the work. What do you think? What does the Forge developers say? If it came to it, I would join the team developing this bridge. Greets ForceGear
  6. Ah great, that's a good start. But how can I add tasks now? I got the entity, compared it if it's a sheep, but I can't find any methods which give access to the list/array of tasks of this entity :-/ Forge documentation doesn't help ...
  7. Hello guys, I'm new to Minecraft Modding, especially to Forge. I'm trying to learn the structure of Forge / Minecraft and get into modding. My first aim (I know this may be a bit ambitious) is to add a new task to an animal. I don't want to create custom mobs nor to change core files of Minecraft. I just want to add new AITasks to sheeps. This simple task should let the sheep move towards a block as soon as it grew some wool. I'm not yet sure how Forge/Minecraft handles this stuff, so how can I get access to the base of sheeps, where I can add tasks? Eventually I need a reference to it, or is this handled as static? Thanks ForceGear
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