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  1. Ahh. I had it registered for Side.CLIENT. IT WORKS!!!! OH FOR THE DEAR LOVE OF THE ALL MIGHTY, MIGHTINESS..... OF MIGHT. Queue the "IT LIVES" from Dr. Frankenstein. This is a revolutionary moment here for me. I've been putting this off for a very long time. Now I have an idea of how to use a very powerful tool. Now that it's all in place. This is a hell of a lot simpler than 1.6 it seems. I guess the name fits. Now that I got this down, I move to one step closer to eventually understanding this modding enough to start doing my steam power system. Thank you so much diesieben you have been a great help over the times.
  2. Oh ok. I thought the client would have to get the cords back from the server to update the proper GUI. Since the cords doesn't need to get sent, that means they don't need to be read either? The onMessage() still never gets called. I'm gonna be glad once I figure this one out.... I'm sorry for taking up your time with what seems like a simple thing. Means a lot to have people help.
  3. What I saw used in other source code. Alright I made changes. Now I get a crash. The Id from I can tell is 0, but It throws an OutOfBounds exception. Here is the changes I did to the MessageButtonPressed(). Is this what you were looking for.
  4. Well, I thought I understood it and after looking for quite a while at other Open Source Code. I have come to the realization, I have hardly any clue what I'm doing with this. I have sent a packet I've gotten that far, but this one is stumping me cause I need to get the TileEntity, buttonId and handle it. I think it comes down to it, I'm handling getting the TileEntity completely wrong and most likely going to be told so. Hopefully you can look past my stupidity, and give me a few pointers on the proper way to do this. Once I get it the first time I'm usually golden. It's just getting it that first time.... The idea is simple click the button in the machine's GUI and the machine will be disabled and the texture will change to show. Here is what I got so far. MessageButtonPressed The actionPerformed() that is in the GUI class for the machine to send the packet recieveButtonEvent() Handles the actual disabling of the machine It's not that I crash or anything just nothing happens, the packet gets sent, but the onMessage() never seems to be fired.
  5. Ok, so let me make sure I understand this, because I've been struggling on this for a while. Every time that we want to make a new packet we have to make a new class and handler for that packet? Lets say a "button pressed", for lack of better example. It would need to be.
  6. Possibly I've even setup a method to return the Icon just for this to see if that helps it and still to no avail. I haven't done anymore testing with cause been busy. It's not like I did anything Strange or unusual that Im aware of the only thing that is different is that I declare only the particleIcon in my registerBlockIcons() because I use a BlockRustic.class to setup all my stuff then override what I need to, but I don't see why that would make a difference. Here's the code for the block. The particles I have there already are temporarily until I get this worked out.
  7. see thats what I thought. When I try to do it though it just acts like its not there. The Icon is name particleIcon and is inside the BlockPosion.class so wouldn't it be setParticleIcon(BlockPoison.particleIcon); The person that I'm getting it from setup so that the BlockPoison was registered in his Blocks.class as poison so his. setParticleIcon(Blocks.poison.particleIcon); I tried that method as well and still just acts like nothing is there. Makes me feel stupid when I run into this stuff, because I know its little thing but idk what it is just doesn't click until someone shows me.
  8. Did u register your tile entity like this in load method? GameRegistry.registerTileEntity(GearBoxTileEntity.class, "gearBoxTileEntity")
  9. Out of curiosity how would I do the reference like the way I described. It will bug me not figuring it out. Like I always say I know its simple most likely, just for some reason haven't figured it out.
  10. While trying to do some custom Icon textures, I was told that you are unable to register the IIcon within the entity class you would setup for your particles, and that the best way would to be register the Icon in the corresponding block's class(the particle is coming off a block). Then just to reference the Icon from the block class to the setParticleIcon() inside the entity class to set the Icon. Is the information I was given just terrible information or good? I've looked at other examples where one was using tesselators, but this seems more simple. If this is a good method, how would I properly reference the Icon, the method I saw was for 1.6 so it doesn't work anymore. If everything about this post seems wrong how would I properly create a custom textured particle.
  11. I believe what they may be looking for is something that I was just talking about yesterday. You use and item to right click the ground and like magic a entity appears in front of ya. What I don't know is if it is suppose to be a custom entity or if you want a zombie, or if the entity is a creature, or something like a painting. I do know that VSWE has a video tutorial for that if you want a custom entity in this case its a spaceship. It's for 1.6 but the porting isn't hard. The one thing I got stumped on was MultiMote suggested instead of doing something like. ship.posX = 0.5; ship.posY = 1.5; ship.posZ = 0.5; do: ship.setLocationAndAngles(x + 0.5, y + 1.5, z + 0.5, 0, 0); Again though that's for a spaceship not a mob. Don't know what you are looking for when you say just entity.
  12. Eh.... Well it was registered but never called.... *slams face on desk*. Anyways... you have been extremely helpful. I thank you for your time my dear sir. I knew it was something stupid. It always is with me. Can write the formulas all fine and dandy, but dear god give me something simple like actually calling it and all hell breaks loose.
  13. still nothing. I know that its calling the constructor that I'm working in cause I added Logs. But still no entity brought into the world.
  14. I'm not using a model yet. Its should spawn up with a grey rectangle that bobs up and down. Its not that it appears and falls through the ground. It just does not appear at all. Watching the amount of entites in the world and the number never changes. I did the F3+b and no box pops up so it is not even being made.
  15. When he is saying that, it does not matter if It pertains to the question at hand or not. He is basically just saying that its not needed, or that for good practice it should be done another way. One major thing about programming is to be efficient, organized, and being very anal about what is going on in the code. I'm not saying I'm a perfect at it or anything, but I would love for people to point stuff out like that. It helps in the long run, looks better, and may even run better. It's not like hes targeting you or anything, some things may be harsh and pretty straight forward, but it's part of how this kind of stuff goes. I been yelled at him multiple times when I was starting. I just took his advice and kept on.
  16. I understand there is a thread below this one about what may be the same issue, or same resolution needs to be made, but I read over it and didn't seem to be the same problem. The issue I am currently having is I been following along with VSWE tutorials of modding and they are for 1.6. I generally don't have a problem because I know the changes that were made and how to port it over. On the other hand this is the first time I've worked with Entities and so I'm trying to learn both at once and it seems to be my downfall. The point is that you have an Item "ItemDroid" and you right click it on the ground and it spawns a floating entity "EntityDroid". When I do it nothing happens, no errors, nothing. The item gets taken away like how its suppose to and the code order means that it had to of ran the line to spawn the entity into the world. I'm probably doing something stupid such as missing a step, have something in the wrong spot, or typo.... I looked at the ItemEgg class and the only difference I could see was they used onItemRightClick where as mine is onItemUseFirst. ItemDroid: EntityDroid:
  17. yea but just didn't know if it needed to be used in the crafting as well
  18. and this just needs to be in the item's class or does it need to be called during the crafting event
  19. Ok thanks. What would be the best way to register a registerItemRenderer? I was told to do it in the ClinetProxy on 1.6 but I don't know if that is a good idea or if its still done the same way.
  20. I see what you mean with it being a forge method looking at it again and I don't know why i said vanilla cause I looked at that method before. The original problem is eclipse autofilling it filled the parameters and put in the wrong info and I never got the error. So it should be player.openGui(Rustic.instance, Rustic.guiIdCookStove, world, x, y, z); and that calls the FMLNetwrok handler and uses this to refer to the player. Is that correct? Sorry if I seem like an idiot, still learning the whole concept of everything that's going on.
  21. I found the problem. I was using vanilla's opengui instead of using FMLNetworkHandler
  22. So I recently started updating my stuff to 1.7 which in this case is a faster furnace. I have been mainly just getting all the stuff by looking at the vanilla furnace from 1.6 and 1.7, comparing and contrasting them to make a new furnace for 1.7. The block places and everything but when I can't get the Gui to appear. From adding some debug code I have found out that the onBlockActivated() is calling the openGui(), other than that haven't been able to track it down. But if I were to bet anything it will be either the GuiHandler or the Register in the main modding class because I could find references for those. No errors are thrown except for texture issues but I never setup textures except for the Gui. I made pastebins so that I could point out most likely causes. Main Modding Class http://pastebin.com/UVxUyFDu lines: 37, 39, 148, 149. Didn't know exactly how to adjust for the update so I kinda winged it. Block Class http://pastebin.com/R4jqH1kU TileEntity Class http://pastebin.com/2TYbnn52 Gui Handler http://pastebin.com/uPYVVRJB Gui Class http://pastebin.com/4LrCU3Ch Container Class http://pastebin.com/aW4ejTvX Don't judge still learning how all this stuff works.
  23. ahh. Was going to say I defined and registered everything. I didn't spot the difference when I read it and typed it. That fixed everything.
  24. I recently came back to this after learning more java and started to do 1.7. Im using the recommended forge( I ran into a problem with my items loading. I am just working with the example mod that came with the default forge environment. This is what I have so far. @Mod(modid = ExampleMod.MODID, version = ExampleMod.VERSION) public class ExampleMod { public static final String MODID = "example"; public static final String VERSION = "1.0"; public static Item Copperingot; public static Block TestBlock; public static CreativeTabs exampleTab = new CreativeTabs("ExampleTab"){ public Item getTabIconItem(){ return Items.diamond; } }; @EventHandler public void preInit(FMLInitializationEvent event){ //RecipesBlocks.registerBlockRecipes(); Copperingot = new Item().setUnlocalizedName(MODID + "Copperingot").setCreativeTab(exampleTab);//.setTextureName("example:copper_ingot"); GameRegistry.registerItem(Copperingot, "CopperIngot"); TestBlock = new TestBlock().setBlockName(MODID + "TestBlock").setCreativeTab(exampleTab); GameRegistry.registerBlock(TestBlock, "TestBlock"); } @EventHandler public void init(FMLInitializationEvent event) { } } Am I missing something simple?
  25. Ok... new day different outlook hopefully. So firstly the method I shown was how I was shown to set it up and it worked so I never questioned it. I have setup the file how you suggested now. Here is the section I redid. Did I do it properly? If so then how do the other classes get a hold of the information? The tutorial shown doing the public static Block below the post init, but isn't that the same thing I did just in a different spot. Do you have a good reference where I can learn of the class fields? As far as I'm aware of I've heard people mention it in tutorials but never explained it in detail.
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