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  1. I will check out how chests work and see if I can figure a couple things from that, meanwhile ignore the fact I just table flipped on setBlock doing one thing, but not with blockpos.offset wow this change from 1.7 to 1.17 is making me feel dumb Lol Edit: yup nope lack of sleep derp for that Lol Oh well
  2. Yea, figured that out as much so far with a lot of things. So far that is the most thing I am stumped on as most obj files that was rendered in the past had some kind of movement GL effect to it. I might be on the forums trying to figure out other things I might end up being stumped on at this rate.
  3. So to keep this short, I am currently on updating my mod (after endless testing inhouse) to 1.17 before I fully release it as my team decided on, we have hit a bit of a snag and a bit stumped when it comes to calling rendered entities. As most obj are loaded simply via .json file how would one call it through in code to give the obj some movements and animation? For the first obj we are using we had it rotate by extending TileEntity overriding renderTileEntityAt, going through all BlockEntity we are unsure what the equivalent would be, any suggestions of what would be recommended for the mod to use this chunk of code? In short the specific object just rotates in place as it is a key temporary block to give players a specific buff/boost to fight some of the bosses in the mod if the players have a bit of a struggle during the combat. Also if a complete full documentation of something that lists X is now used as Z would be nice to have if existed. Thanks in advanced! @Override public void renderTileEntityAt(TileEntity tileEntity, double x, double y, double z, float tick) { yRotationAngle += tick * speed; speed = 5F; Ticks = tick * speed; if (tileEntity instanceof TileHarkar) { TileHarkar tileHarkar = (TileHarkar) tileEntity; /* yRotationAngle ++ tick*speed;*/ GL11.glPushMatrix(); // Scale, Translate, Rotate GL11.glScalef(1.0F, 1.0F, 1.0F); GL11.glTranslatef((float) x + 0.5F, (float) y + 0.5F, (float) z + 0.5F); GL11.glRotatef(yRotationAngle, 0F, 0.01F, 0F); // Bind texture this.bindTexture(Textures.Model_Harkar); FMLClientHandler.instance().getClient().renderEngine.bindTexture(Textures.Model_Harkar); // Render modelHarkar.renderPart("Platonic"); GL11.glPopMatrix(); } }
  4. Been working on a lore book for my mod but ended up with a issue with the GUI, the thing will not rescale at all. So after going through all of the other support issues on the forum multiple times I have gotten to the point where the UI scale refuses to work properly or just ends up following the mouse. It is kind of weird but whatever. In the following video it will show what the following issues are, in the bottom right corner of the video will say which section of code is which to define the gui bug. Does anyone know what I am missing that could make the thing rescale and NOT follow the mouse? What I am trying to do for the UI scale is have the UI centered like source 2 but be able to make a custom texture resolution like in source 1... Forge Version: Video with Issues (Why video you might ask? Well I am really bad at explaining things...video will explain things better...) Code Source 1 Code Source 1 (modifed) Only thing that was changed Source Section 2
  5. The only thing that comes close to what I am searching for when it comes to ticks is: But it only sets the variable back to false for only a 1/2 a second. thus keeping the tick counter in a endless loop. And ontop of that the only way that the tick will start is if I add this.setTickRandomly(true); at the top, hence why I was giving timers a try
  6. In my mod I got a small boss fight that spawns a random 3D object in the world within 10 blocks from the player, the same player runs to said object and right clicks it. It will have 1 out of 10 choices to see if the player gains a helpful buff or not that lasts for 1 or 4 minutes. After that the object gets deleted from the world and is disabled by setting a public variable to true so that the object cannot be used anymore. Now here is the problem, the object is suppose to be re-enabled for use after 10 seconds but for some reason I cannot get a countdown timer from 10 seconds to re-enable the changed variable...Here is the object class file with the timer in it. And for some reason in a new blank project in eclipse the timer works FLAWLESSLY and yet in minecraft it refuses to even start the countdown... Also note I do not wish to use Thread.sleep for that will cause the whole minecraft game to sleep for X seconds set, I do not want this. It needs to be some kind of timer system where the player still fights the boss and so forth.
  7. As normal you keep your textures in a assets folder like the previous versions of Forge, For gradle you put the assets folder under gradlefolder\src\main\resources Everything else is basically the same as before: Screenshot
  8. Been working on a cape system for my minecraft mod because capes are awesome, I got it working but there is one problem, back in 1.5.2 I had a system where I could have a cape of resolution 176x136, And now I cannot get it at all to work with that resolution. Here is a screenshot as to how it looks now: And this is what it use to look like: As seen different from the 2 pictures the newer version of the cape is broken....very very broken... Any info on how to fix this would be very helpful x.x Here is the complete source of the capes: Nexion Capes v1.0.0 Opensource Also if anyone just wants to use this in their own mod you are welcome to, just gota change it up a bit to make it work for your mod Forge Version: & And any other version below 1.6.4
  9. Yea...lol got arround to getting it...Thanks for quick reply, lack of sleep screws with the mind ignoring the obvious stuff haha.
  10. ok that helped with the non spawning blocks but what about rotating the pistons? x.x (sorry if I seem bit stupid or missing something obvious lack of sleep is a derp)
  11. Forge Version: Minecraft: 1.6.4 For short I was testing out what blocks work and what do not when it comes to world generation, so far everything works except for pressure pads, redstone and pistons. The issue is that the pressure pads do not spawn along with the redstone. And the pistons end up facing the wrong direction. Been sitting here for a day or two trying many means of spawning the blocks but no luck on the redstone and stuff. Am I missing something or am I doing something completely wrong? o,O World gen trigger: The block placement code: And here is a screenshot to see what actually generates. Edit: issues solved with the following:
  12. From seeing that it is saying that the mod file directory is overcode/morestuffmod/Base.java in eclipse. When you package your mod it should read as: Mod.zip > overcode > morestuffmod > Base.class. Modding in general is very picky when it comes to file directory listing.
  13. I always have issues with the mcmod.info file so I found a work around to the file and hard coded it directly into the mod. @PreInit public void randomName(FMLPreInitializationEvent event) //really does not matter on the name of the public void { ModMetadata m = event.getModMetadata(); //This is required or it will not work m.autogenerated = false; //This is required otherwise it will not work m.modId = "The mods id (This must match the class or it wont work)"; m.version = "Mod Version"; m.name = "The Name of Said Mod"; m.url = "http://modsofficialwebsite.com"; m.description = "Some Descriptions"; m.authorList.add("NameofAuthor1") m.authorList.add("NameofAuthor2") } This can be added basically anywhere in your mod in the main class file. if you want to add more options just type m. after just wait a few seconds for some options or you can look directly into the ModMetadata class. It will have a full source of all the options. But if you really want to use the mcmod.info file it does not go directly under the .zip file. In my mod everything is under the Nexion directory so its like Nexion 1.5.zip > Nexion > mcmod.info Which is the mods ID. Hope this helps
  14. Alright I been working on my mod for some time with forge, Just literally started to update it to 1.6.2 from scratch, by doing so I have ran into a small issue with one of the objects I designed in maya. This use to work in 1.5.2 but for some strange reason in 1.6.2 it causes a huge memory leak of 3gig or more when the player creates a new world or loads a old one. Been sitting here for hours trying to figure this out, looked at a few open source mods that uses this feature and still no luck. I have made the bitbucket of the mod source public for now in hopes of anyone might know the solution Forge version: Source of everything necessary for the object and its creation: Screenshot of the object: Object in 1.5.2 Memory leak proof And finally the usual crash log of out of memory:
  15. I have yet to add the code to ignite the portal I decided to hold that off till I figure out what the problem is with the block detection. I updated the video with a different one which shows the problem even more. The main issue is trying to get the metadata block to use the proper block. Nomatter what I try the portal block always registers the default meta but not the 2nd meta. The frame not forming was a bug on my part and was fixed when I set the frame block to mod_Nexion.portalBlocksID alone but it never turned out to be the metadata version just the default. As far as I know (of my knolage) dimensions have a issue detecting metadata blocks or I am not using correct syntax to get it to detect it properly =/ the PortalBlocks.class and the ItemBlockMeta.class handles the MetaData blocks for the portal frames...the rest is basically easy to tell =p
  16. Just to save myself some typing here is a video of the issue on hand: I use to have this mod working perfectly through ModLoader but seeing how smooth forge runs with other things I been slowly updating the mod to forge over the past few days. I know in the video I was using forge, but after I recorded it I updated forge to version The issue was still there. Sat there for another 2 hours trying to figure out what the problem is but there is no luck. The portal lights up now but for some reason I cannot set it to use a certain meta ID for the portal spawn. I want to use the metadata for block ID 230 but as the 2nd metadata case 2. Its kinda bugging me now that I cannot use metadata for portal blocks. Here is the code for each thing used for the dimension blocks: Main.class: PortalBlocks.class (the portal frame blocks): ItemBlockMeta (Since the portal frame is a MetaData block to save ID space): Portal1.class (The portal block that teleports): TeleportSuffering.class (Teleports player to dimension if I recall): I am sure the next 2 class files are irrelevant to what the issue is since they determine what the generation settings are for the dimension is. And before you ask what the issue is watch the video. I am not really good at all describing things in text format so just recording a video of the issue is better to see what the issue is then just me failing at describing it....If its something very simple what the issue is then sorry, still getting use to java and forge =p Now for the question, is it possible that the issue is caused by that the block for the portal frame is a MetaData? Will it cause issues when I use the Same blockID but a different metadata ID for the next dimension later on? (p.s. I do not want to modify the BlockFire.java that way my mod have less of a chance conflicting with other mods so...)
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