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    Kildare, Ireland
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    New-ish Minecraft Modder!

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  1. That sounds good, I'd like to chat to you about a few things, is this your twitter? https://twitter.com/Orfby/ If so could you follow me back and il send you a message?
  2. I have a work in progress mod that looks very similar to the one your creating (it has the exact same name) so I'm just wondering were abouts you got the idea for it? I posted a Alpha version of my mod a few weeks back, information is available on http://www.xelitexirish.com/chat-notifier/
  3. I've done a little research, could you use the ClientRecievedChat to change the chat? By the looks of it I think that it might. I don't think there is a way to send a server message to everyone but a specific player and send them another message, without changing too much.
  4. I need to modify the incoming chat for a player when their name is in that message. I already can check for their name and get their player instance. Its just changing the chat they see.
  5. I want to be able to take a server message and change what it looks like for ONE player to see. I have an instance of the player i want it to see. I'm completely confused on how to do it haha Thanks, ~XeliteXirish (Shaun O'Neill)
  6. Just out of curiosity, can you not just split the chat by every space and just check everything after the first word which is always the player name? Thats what I did and it seems to be okay.
  7. Sorry forgot to mention that haha, its Minecraft 1.8 with newest forge version.
  8. Scratch the top one off the list, sorry I managed to figure out how to do it. Just need a way to play a sound overriding the sound settings?
  9. I know this is a silly question to ask but is there a way to get the chat right after the players name? I need to check if the players name is in chat and it keeps firing when that user sends a message. Its a client ONLY mod so I cant use any server methods. Also, is there a way to play a sound that overrides the minecraft sound settings and plays even if sound is turned off? Thanks, ~Shaun O'Neill
  10. Hello, my name is Shaun (XeliteXirish) and not too long ago I met two very nice people online (bcwadsworth) and (deliSk) right here on these forums. They introduced me to this mod idea they had and we started. We called it Immersion. Sadly DeliSK doesn't seem to be active any more and myself and bcwadsworth don't have enough time to keep the mod rolling (we still get work done, just not as fast as we would like). So that is why I'm here, I'm looking for a few modders (around 3ish) that could lend us a hand. (All our current code is up on our GitHub repo here - https://github.com/MCDTeam) I have been studying Java for a number of years and have been doing modding on and off for about 3 years. Bcwadsworth is a very talented programmer, I amn't too sure on his programming details but he's very good. What we're looking for is someone who has the capability's to provide good and functional code and is able to do so some-what regularly. Your probably wondering what Immersion is about, well in some ways it consists of an API that we have also been working on called the FeatureAPI (you will also be able to work on this) that enables features that are written for it to be FULLY customisable. For example, we add something that you don't like, your able to just disable it, everything is customisable. We had a somewhat alpha version of this available for 1.7.10 that allowed users to join a server, which also had the FeatureAPI, and the server TELLS the client, which mods to enable and which to disable. -If your interested please leave a reply with the following information: -Your prepared means of comunication (please note it, if you feel uncomfortable about leaving emails, skype etc - pm it to me here on the forums) -Your maturity level. I don't believe in judging people by how old you are, but I don't work well with very immature people. -Roughly how often you can work. -Experience with programming and level of skill.
  11. You don't check if the key is being held at first- @Override public void addInformation(ItemStack itemStack, EntityPlayer player, List list, boolean par3) { if(GuiScreen.isShiftKeyDown()){ list.add("Damage mob: Instant kills any mob with life of 10 hearts"); list.add("Ability: Smoke screen for pvp."); list.add("Upgrade: none (W.I.P)"); }else{ list.add("Herobrines sword."); list.add("Press shift for more info"); } }
  12. Oh thank you!! I don't know how I missed that so easily haha
  13. I was wondering, is it possible to change a blocks hardness though any event (which event?) and how would I go about doing it? I want to be able to change vanilla stones hardness depending on a few factors, but I don't really want to use reflection. I know I can just replace stone with a new custom block, but is that really a good idea for other mod comparability?
  14. Addition^^ Is it the same method "setPrivateValue" to set it to public? I dont see any setPublicValue in reflection helper. Edit: I just want to set EntityPigZombie.becomeAngryAt public
  15. Oh.. that seems a lot easier then I taught, so you just put ReflectionHelper(blabla) were ever you want in your mod? I taught it was something to do with accesstransformer or something Im confused haha
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