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    I am King Coltonious!!! Fear me!

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  1. ok so I followed the minecraft wiki for it(I skipped to where it said "running a 1.7.x server") for windows and it said that if the batch file comes up in cmd as "'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command," that you need to update java to the latest version. I did so and when I run my run.bat file it still comes up as that. any way to help?
  2. I read this crash report and I cant figure out what errored this came after it said shutting down internal server
  3. like I said I feel like an idiot but there are so many times it says "warning" that I cant tell what needs to be fixed.
  4. what does it mean when a report says it missing 'version'
  5. u guys said tht I needed to post the report for my problem tht I posted about, well here we go. see if u can help me plz :
  6. before u read this read my last post. it says the same thing now except now instead of "minestrappolation : any" it now says "DC1 : any"
  7. can someone decipher this for me("forge mod loader has found a problem with your minecraft installation. the mods and versions listed below could not be found.minestrappolation : any. the file 'forgemodloader-client-0.log' contains more information")? I can normally figure out whats wrong but I need help with this. this came up when I deleted some mods, I re-added them but its still showing this. help plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-\
  8. ok so I'm trying to update my forge and I downloaded and installed it but whenever I'm on the forge profile I cant change it to 1.7.2. I tried 1.7.2-latest and 1.7.2 recommended and neither worked. Anyone got any ideas?
  9. hey guyz!!! i want some new mods,soooooooo if u guys could comment your top ten mods for forge it would b amazing.i already have the lazer,portal gun,grav gun,tp stones,backpack,pvz,ocarina,lantern,and mby a couple more.thx!
  10. ok call me a major idiot(i'm sure my question is answered in the eaq but I cant find it),but where do you find log files? I have an earlier post but I need log files to help people help me with my problem...if someone could help me that would be swell
  11. i would love to be an actor but i dont have a microphone. if there could b a silent part or if someone could do a voice over for me that would be amazing. name:coltonious job:actor contact: friend me on facebook at colton mitchell(profile picture is strax from doctor who saying "damn moon") or email me at therandomguy900@gmail.com reasom:my friends have always said that i would be a great actor and i've always wanted a acting part(even if its in minecraft)
  12. haha! well the thing is... NOOB ALERT I don't know what log files are.
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