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  1. I think you should search a class where the player spawn/connect because the skin must be in a folder on your pc so there must be a download
  2. If I use if in my bow right Click the texture bugs and I can't shoot public ItemStack onItemRightClick(ItemStack par1ItemStack, World par2World, EntityPlayer par3EntityPlayer) { ExtendedPlayer props = ExtendedPlayer.get(par3EntityPlayer); if(props.Volk == Volk_1 || props.Volk == Volk_2 || props.Volk == Volk_3 || props.Volk == Volk_4 || props.Volk == Volk_5) { ArrowNockEvent event = new ArrowNockEvent(par3EntityPlayer, par1ItemStack); MinecraftForge.EVENT_BUS.post(event); if (event.isCanceled()) { return event.result; } if (par3EntityPlayer.capabilities.isCreativeMode || par3EntityPlayer.inventory.hasItem(Item.arrow.itemID)) { par3EntityPlayer.setItemInUse(par1ItemStack, this.getMaxItemUseDuration(par1ItemStack)); } } return par1ItemStack; }
  3. The code doen't work and my own mobs also spawn in the nether so it can't be only this
  4. okay can you please say me what i can use for a aqua color blue?
  5. Hello, i would the html color "Aqua" but my water don't change the color right now HTML Color code: aqua 0,255,255 #00ffff 180 100 50 http://www.mediaevent.de/tutorial/farbcodes.html So i tried this: package hdr.dimension.biome; import hdr.MainData; import net.minecraft.block.Block; import net.minecraft.world.biome.BiomeGenBase; public class BiomGenRohan extends BiomeGenBase { public BiomGenRohan(int par1) { super(par1); this.spawnableMonsterList.clear(); //this part this.spawnableCreatureList.clear(); //this part this.spawnableWaterCreatureList.clear(); //this part this.spawnableCaveCreatureList.clear(); //this part this.topBlock = (byte)Block.grass.blockID; this.fillerBlock = (byte)MainData.RohanLehmBlock.blockID; this.theBiomeDecorator.treesPerChunk = -999; this.waterColorMultiplier = 0x00FFFF; this.setColor(0xFFEE03); this.biomeName = "Rohan"; } public int getBiomeGrassColor() { return 0xFFEE03; } public int getSkyColorByTemp(float par1) { return 0xF5ED7A; } } Can anyone help me?
  6. Thanks i already had a part in my code this.spawnableCreatureList.clear();
  7. Should i remove the spawn for Entity.class because i don't know how to use remove spawn for all mobs
  8. Method method = RenderPlayer.getClass().getMethod("RenderPlayer", null); method.invoke(RenderPlayer, null); But this is wrong and i don't find a good tutorial
  9. But how i must use the reflection i probed some things but it crashs or i get errors
  10. Can you only give me a simple example for a new model with a small cube or something like that?
  11. I only found this thing but I don't know how to use it Method method = RenderPlayer.getClass().getMethod("doSomething", null); method.invoke(foo, null);
  12. Can anyone please say me how i can remove the spawn for alls mobs?
  13. [Ja ich schreibe es auch in Englisch dachte mir berreits das du deutsch kannst wegen deinem Namen,...] How does i make this i don't understand what you mean with reflection
  14. English: I has this code from an old dated tutorial but it underlines event.renderer.ModelBipedMain; because there is no getter and setter German: Es unterstreicht mir Zeile 6, den Code habe ich von einem Tutorial bzw. einem thread von Minecraft Forum habe den Link aber leider nicht mehr was soll ich anders machen? private ModelBiped hdr = new ModelBiped(); Minecraft mc = Minecraft.getMinecraft(); ModelBiped main; @ForgeSubscribe public void PlayerPrerenderer(RenderPlayerEvent.SetArmorModel event) { main = event.renderer.modelBipedMain; renderhdrPlayer(event.entityPlayer, event.partialRenderTick); } public void renderhdrPlayer(EntityPlayer player, float partialTick) { float base = 0.0625f; //base value for models GL11.glPushMatrix(); //starts the rendering proce mc.renderEngine.bindTexture(new ResourceLocation("herrderringe_hdr:textures/mobs/Rohirim.png")); //sets texture hdr.bipedHead.render(base); //renders head over the players head hdr.bipedBody.render(base); //renders body over the players body hdr.bipedRightArm.render(base); //renders right arm over players right arm hdr.bipedLeftArm.render(base); //renders left arm over players left arm hdr.bipedLeftLeg.render(base); //renders left leg over players left leg hdr.bipedRightLeg.render(base); //renders rigth leg over players right leg. //This mess of code sets the rotation angles for the the player and the new model. //This is important because without it the model won't move with the player hdr.bipedHead.rotateAngleX = main.bipedHead.rotateAngleX; hdr.bipedHead.rotateAngleY = main.bipedHead.rotateAngleY; hdr.bipedHead.rotateAngleZ = main.bipedHead.rotateAngleZ; hdr.bipedBody.rotateAngleX = main.bipedBody.rotateAngleX; hdr.bipedBody.rotateAngleY = main.bipedBody.rotateAngleY; hdr.bipedBody.rotateAngleZ = main.bipedBody.rotateAngleZ; hdr.bipedLeftArm.rotateAngleX = main.bipedLeftArm.rotateAngleX; hdr.bipedLeftArm.rotateAngleY = main.bipedLeftArm.rotateAngleY; hdr.bipedLeftArm.rotateAngleZ = main.bipedLeftArm.rotateAngleZ; hdr.bipedRightArm.rotateAngleX = main.bipedRightArm.rotateAngleX; hdr.bipedRightArm.rotateAngleY = main.bipedRightArm.rotateAngleY; hdr.bipedRightArm.rotateAngleZ = main.bipedRightArm.rotateAngleZ; hdr.bipedLeftLeg.rotateAngleX = main.bipedLeftLeg.rotateAngleX; hdr.bipedLeftLeg.rotateAngleY = main.bipedLeftLeg.rotateAngleY; hdr.bipedLeftLeg.rotateAngleZ = main.bipedLeftLeg.rotateAngleZ; hdr.bipedRightLeg.rotateAngleX = main.bipedRightLeg.rotateAngleX; hdr.bipedRightLeg.rotateAngleY = main.bipedRightLeg.rotateAngleY; hdr.bipedRightLeg.rotateAngleZ = main.bipedRightLeg.rotateAngleZ; GL11.glPopMatrix(); }
  15. Hello, Is there any way to make custom Player Model(s) because i want to make dwarfs and hobbits and much more for my mod.
  16. Okay, Thanks but how must i use the code in a for loop? Can you please show me a example that removes the spawn for all mobs?
  17. That don't help me because other mobs from different mods will also spawn in my dimension,...
  18. Hello, i created a own dimension with help of a tutorial but how can i only spawn animals from vanilla minecraft and my own mobs there because i often play with mods like Mo Creatures and i don't want them in my world
  19. Sorry but that don't help me and i don't see anything for 16x16 version like my renderParticle can you help me a bit more? sry for bad english i am from germany
  20. I want to render my particle as 16x16 so i used @Override but after my particles falled ~ 1 Block it change the texture to particles.png from minecraft please help me http://pastebin.com/QPxZ6ZVS sry for bad english
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