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  1. Thanks for the quick replies. I appreciate it. This helps a bit but unfortunatly, it and the rest won't help me further. Sorry I think Question 3 has been answered. Thanks!
  2. Hello Everyone, i've got a few questions that popped up while i was working on my mod: 1. Can someone clarify what exactly NBT is and what it does? I still don't get its importance with TileEntities. 2. How much iron is spawned in a chunk? I've already looked around the WorldGen code and i can't figure it out. This question is because Custom WorldGens make you input an amount to spawn. 3. Custom modelling. How did CovertJaguar model the Tunnel Bore in Railcraft? Is it hard-coded? I'm in no rush so take however much time you need to answer these questions. Thanks in advance!
  3. lucius97

    Learning Java

    I'm learning on the go, and i would seriously recommend books. That's how i learned Python. I'm using the internet to learn Java just because i don't know which of the many books available to take. Recommendations, anyone?
  4. Same error over here. :'( Here's the last part of the MCP log, that clearly shows the error: The rest of the log is more than 500MBs large with A LOT of warnings. Is this normal? Edit I seem to be using forge 5.x. Woops. Going to retry with forge 6.x
  5. I recently programmed the beginnings of a new mod. I haven't modded before, so i followed Wuppy's tutorials. 'Till now, i only have a block, an item and a fuel. I'm using the latest forge version and mc 1.3.2. I'm using MultiMC. Here are the logs: MultiMC Crash log Forge Crash log I would really appreciate it if someone would help me. I've always wanted to mod and this is just annoying.
  6. i had the wrong version of advanced machines by some other dude. I actually normally use AtomicStrykers version. There seems to be a copy floating around the ic2 forums. I've switched back to Atomic's version after noticing that the "older version" conflicted with compact solars
  7. Thanks, it was advanced machines and i've fixed it now by loading an older version
  8. -I'm using the recommended build -I'm pretty sure i'm not using any patchers -Define overwrite
  9. I recently updated forge and i went back to working on my logistics pipes factory however minecraft crashed. Here's the crash log: I have MC 1.2.5 and the latest forge build as you can probably see. I checked around but i haven't yet found this exact NullPointerError. I am also using MultiMC. I would appreciate it if someone could help me.¨ If it helps, here's the forge log:
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