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  1. .minecraft/logs/debug.log To find .minecraft: Windows key + R -> %appdata% -> roaming -> .minecraft
  2. Okay thank you. I'm now using the path ie "overworld" or "the_nether" and I'm replacing _ with a space and capitalising the first letter of every word.
  3. Im am rendering labels in the world, but the background cuts out part of my block behind it. I have tried tinkering with the variables in the FontRenderer.renderInBatch(); Method, but nothing seems to be working. Image of my problem: My Code: Any help is appreciated!
  4. Hi all, I'm trying to find a localized name for a Dimension. I know that with the registry system, resource locations are used, for example: minecraft:overworld But is there a localized (player friendly) name somewhere?
  5. I have managed to get it working in survival. It's still behaving oddly, but it does work now. Thanks for the help!
  6. I'm using vanilla code to create the Portal Blocks, so when the player is trying to enter the Portal it could be calling the code multiple times, but it works in Creative mode and when travelling across dimensions. Just not the same dimension in survival mode. Here is where I pass the method to my TileEntity: BlockPortal:
  7. I have tried this: playerIn.connection.teleport(targetPos.getX(), targetPos.getY(), targetPos.getZ(), yaw, pitch); And I am still getting the same error: [12:42:47] [Server thread/WARN] [minecraft/ServerPlayNetHandler]: TheCosmicNebula_ moved wrongly!
  8. Here is where I call the teleport: TileEntityPortal Here is my ITeleporter: CosmosTeleportCore As you can see, I have tried many variations on ServerPlayerEntity.teleport() And I cannot just pull the ServerPlayerEntity.changeDimension() method because it uses variables that are private.
  9. I have tried in vain to teleport a player within the same Dimension when they collide with a block with no collision. In creative mode, it works flawlessly, but in singleplayer I keep getting this error: [01:50:38] [Server thread/WARN] [minecraft/ServerPlayNetHandler]: TheCosmicNebula_ moved wrongly! I have tried many methods, from many classes that teleport. I can use ServerPlayerEntity.changeDimension() However it causes massive lag because it is repeating the same code with all of the blocks. Any help would be appreciated, i'm pulling my hair out!
  10. However, the bar does not appear when moving the item, or in the players hotbar when not in a gui.
  11. Okay so this was NOT the way to go about this. I have since discovered they sorta correct way to do this. Using: GuiContainerEvent.DrawForeground event I can overlay my bar correctly.
  12. Hi, I am trying to create a custom ItemStackTileEntityRenderer For an Item, to render a custom durability bar. I have looked through vanilla code and tried to implement this with a ItemStackTileEntityRenderer But so far have had 0 luck. If I try to use ItemRenderer.render() It crashes because it ends up endlessly looping. My custom method to draw the bar is also not working. CosmosEnergyItemItemStackRenderer.java CosmosItemRenderer.java I am really not sure how to handle this. The item does not render in any state currently, it is invisible. I had to use "parent": "builtin/entity" inside the Item.json to allow the ISTER to even work. I know this is probably an atrocious attempt, but I have been toying with this for 3 hours now and still nothing. Any help or advice is appreciated.
  13. Okay so I fixed this issue, turns out I wasn't passing in the values int p_239207_5_, int p_239207_6_ Into the renderer.render(stackIn, transformIn, true, matrixStack, typeBuffer, 0 (Should have been p_239207_5_), 0 (Should have been p_239207_6_), model); Function. The item now correctly renders with the correct colour and scale.
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