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  1. However, the bar does not appear when moving the item, or in the players hotbar when not in a gui.
  2. Okay so this was NOT the way to go about this. I have since discovered they sorta correct way to do this. Using: GuiContainerEvent.DrawForeground event I can overlay my bar correctly.
  3. Hi, I am trying to create a custom ItemStackTileEntityRenderer For an Item, to render a custom durability bar. I have looked through vanilla code and tried to implement this with a ItemStackTileEntityRenderer But so far have had 0 luck. If I try to use ItemRenderer.render() It crashes because it ends up endlessly looping. My custom method to draw the bar is also not working. CosmosEnergyItemItemStackRenderer.java CosmosItemRenderer.java I am really not sure how to handle this. The item does not render in any state currently, it is invisible. I had to use "parent": "builtin/entity" inside the Item.json to allow the ISTER to even work. I know this is probably an atrocious attempt, but I have been toying with this for 3 hours now and still nothing. Any help or advice is appreciated.
  4. Okay so I fixed this issue, turns out I wasn't passing in the values int p_239207_5_, int p_239207_6_ Into the renderer.render(stackIn, transformIn, true, matrixStack, typeBuffer, 0 (Should have been p_239207_5_), 0 (Should have been p_239207_6_), model); Function. The item now correctly renders with the correct colour and scale.
  5. Yeah there are multiple ways, the simplest in my opinion is how the Furnace does it. You are very welcome!
  6. Yes, look into AbstractFurnaceTileEntity and FurnaceScreen to see how vanilla handles values like the Burn Time, and the Cook Progress, ie the white arrow inside the Furnace GUI.
  7. So quick update, The weird scale was caused by the GUI, GROUND, FIXED Inside the dimensional_trident__.json and the dimensional_trident_throwing.json So thats fixed. However the colour is still not correct.
  8. Hi all, I am attempting to add my own custom Trident into my Mod. I have 90% of things working currently, however the GUI, ItemEntity and ItemFrame (I assume from FIXED) rendering is very strange. Below are picures of the Issue, and any related code. dimensional_trident.json: dimensional_trident__.json: dimensional_trident_throwing.json: ItemStackTileEntityRenderer.class: Im not sure what the issue is. Ive looked through vanilla code to see if i could locate the source of the issue, no dice. I have also read a few forum posts on the Modder Support Forum, and others have had other issues but none like this. Any help is appreciated!
  9. Okay, I misunderstood my old code then. Or I was doing things wrong... more likely for me to be honest. Ill have to look into server -> client packets. Its for a Screen that changes Widgets/Buttons depending on the other dimensions block information. Thanks for your help!
  10. So I am adding in features from previous versions of my mod from previous MC versions. One of these features is to access a block that is in another dimension from the players current dimension. Previously I used:SD DimensionManager.getWorld(int dimensionId); This allowed both Client and Server side to access without a problem. In 1.16.3 and forward this DimensionManager class is no longer in Forge so I now use: ServerLifecycleHooks.getCurrentServer().getWorld(RegistryKey<World> dimension); However this only works Server side, which is fine for my uses up till this point. So I'm asking if there is a similar method but for the Client? Something that can retrieve the ClientWorld for a specified RegistryKey<World>? Many thanks in advance.
  11. Okay, that idea is scrapped then. I will have to accept that the standard sound will play when going from Custom -> Vanilla world. Which to be honest is not that bad, I'm not too happy with the Exit sound anyway. Maybe I could ask the Forge devs to see if they can work their magic and allow for custom sounds to be played via theS SPlaySoundEffectPacket(SoundEvent event, SoundCategory category, double x, double y, double x, float volume, float pitch) Instead of hard-coding the sound. Maybe that's a longshot but who knows.
  12. Okay. That seems reasonable. I have thought of an idea, which is to store a Previous Dimension [ResourceLocation] tag into the Players Persisted Data, and change that using PlayerEvent.PlayerChangedDimensionEvent. I can then use this to check when sound events are playing. I'm storing these tags under my MOD_ID so that no other mod can get confused.
  13. Yeah that is what I was afraid of. I may just have to accept using the nether portal sound for now. I don't think your solution would work on servers with many people, and I cant think of any way to do it personally. Ill have to leave the sound playing one way. Many thanks for your help!
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