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  1. Did what you said and changed Optifine Ultra to Multi Core and installed forge first then optifine. Now i get this annoying black screen and an error report saying theres missing a class file. Edit: So I failed pretty much I only placed the 1.2.5 jar into the bin instead of force updating and then place it there. I'm glad you guys forced me to do research myself by not posting anything.... Anyways I'll go check if it crashes ingame now with the latest version.
  2. I just installed the latest ( and that gave me black screen. Any ideas what version to use?
  3. I just installed InvTweaks aswell and ran minecraft with cmd agien. (Check the full report)
  4. No actually that didn't work I still get crashes ingame. I have forge 3.3.7
  5. So I'm installing a bunch of mods and it worked fine until I was actually inside a world playing. Right above the error report it mentioned forge with a problem so I figured I should post the report I got after using cmd to start minecraft. Now I went and ran it with cmd agien to get the full report. [glow=green,2,300]Mods =[/glow][glow=blue,2,300]Adventure Items. Armor Stand (In Jar). Audio Mod. BetterDungeons. Millenaire. Shelf (In Jar). Thaumcraft 2. Balkons Weapon Mod. Optifine Ultra 1.2.5 (In jar) Forge 3.3.7 (In Jar) [/glow] Too bad I don't know anything about Java so I'm pretty useless in this situation. ForgeModLoader-0.log
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