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  1. I don't get why, but when i try GameRegistry.addBiome(DarkyBiome); addBiome is highlighed «The method addBiome(BiomeGenBase) is undefined for the type GameRegistry» Even the two other lines you gave me. They worked in 1.6.4 though. (I'm working with Forge 1.7.2
  2. I can say that Forge is seriously the best API to make and load mods. But, when Minecraft will have his own modding API, what will become forge? Is it coing to be an ''add'' to have more option of modding?
  3. I've made a new biome trying to make a mod about exploration. But i don't know if i'm just unlucky and never found my biome, or it,s just not appearing. Here's my code for the Biome: package com.dalibe.study.biome; import net.minecraft.world.biome.BiomeGenBase; public class DarkyBiomeClass extends BiomeGenBase { public DarkyBiomeClass(int id) { super(id); this.heightVariation = 2F; this.rootHeight = 2F; this.waterColorMultiplier = 0xffffff; this.temperature = 0.5F; this.enableRain = true; System.out.println("Darky Biome found"); } } Here's my declaration of the Biome : public static BiomeGenBase DarkyBiome = new DarkyBiomeClass(150).setBiomeName("DarkyBiome").setColor(0x223263); And here's the code to add it to the game: BiomeManager.addSpawnBiome(DarkyBiome); I've put in the biome class a System.out.printIn(); to be sure that the class is detected and it is, the message appears in the console. So, have i miss a step some where and is there a way to isolate the biome, a way to create a world with a chosen list of biome so i can test them individualy?
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