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  1. How would I go about returning two fluid tanks in the getCapability method? How would I decide witch one to return.
  2. Thank u guys for the help. I will change my other messages to do the same.
  3. That fixed it but I still don't know why it's bad so many other mods do it this way. Ee3 does it this way
  4. I have other messages that work fine with how I have them setup.
  5. So I am sending a packet from my gui with a forgedirection to my tile entity. The forge direction is becoming null in toBytes or fromBytes. It is not null in the constructor. It is null in onMessage. Here is the to and from Bytes methods: direction is the ForgeDirection being passed in through the constructor.
  6. Why not I have used that entry of times. I figured what I did wroung. Normally I run gradlew idea before I open the project in idea. This time i opend the project first.
  7. IM NOT A NOOB!!! I have set up my previous workspaces for inteliji like this before.
  8. I went to make a new mod add downloaded the latest forge and ran gradlew setUpDecompWokspace and then gradlew idea. It has the minecraft src but no run configs. I have re ran both commands and no luck.
  9. Also with creative tabs there is an array of them that only has 12 and the constructor to make a new tab requires an index. So to make a new tab you have to override a vanilla one.
  10. Yea I noteced it says missing myblockname.json. I tried adding multiple blockstates to one block and my game just freezes when I open my inventory.
  11. Yea ik. I hate blockstates. What was wrong with metadata.
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