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  1. Hello everyone. Us, the Team Origins have a huge project. And todo this huge project we need Coders, programers (lua and java for mods and plugins),roleplay writters and people with minecraft related pixels drawing skills. This whole project is secret and we are looking for talented people. Age required : 15 and plus. Country : as long as you talk English. Please conact us at team.mc.origins@gmail.com for further information. MORE INFO : Ok guys, let me clarifyallofthis : the main idea is to remake Minecraft, well modify it and create a launcher, a serverwith plugins and mods. The project is to create a Server,the name is to be decided but some ideas are already found. We want to create a kind of MMORPG on Minecraft but a really massive multiplayer online. Although since the project is really huge, it could take up to two years of wrok although at the end you will be payed everyknow and thenifthe project is done So we aren't kidding about this project. Can be very long but afterwards, when all of.this will be done, well you'll be payed for.sure, and this server project could be as popular as Hypixel. So yeah. We need java programmers, and people for graphic stuff like skins and textures Email : team.mc.origins@gmail.com
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