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  1. Hi ! Sorry to wake up that old topic But did you find how to update the code ? If yes ... tell me your secret please !!! haha
  2. AAAAAh ! Okay ! I will look at this right away ! Thank you very much !
  3. Hi Guys ! I'm trying to do some stuff but it seem it doesn't work. I just want to check if a sound is played to prevent the game to play it twice. So... i was telling me there is two ways to do it : 1. put a timer and when it is below zero, the block can play it again when the player go trough it. 2. second option maybe safer, only play it again when the previous sound is over and the player go trough the block. I tried to check the second option that in a method but... it seem that Soundhandler.isPlaying(Isound) doesn't work.... Or maybe i'm missing something very obvious. Be gentle with me, i'm auto learning Java haha ;) private void playSound(IBlockReader world, BlockPos pos, Entity entity) { if(timer <=0) { SoundEvent sound = InitSound.PASSAGE_TOUR.get(); System.out.println("before doing it ? " +Minecraft.getInstance().getSoundHandler().isPlaying( SimpleSound.music(sound))); //((World) world).playSound((PlayerEntity)entity, pos,sound, SoundCategory.BLOCKS, 1F, 1F); entity.playSound(sound, 1.0F, 1.0F); System.out.println("the sound is played ? " +Minecraft.getInstance().getSoundHandler().isPlaying( SimpleSound.music(sound))); timer=30; } } the two output say in the consol that they are false... both. Thank you for reading this and Thank you even more if you help me with this ;)
  4. Try to make an event that chek if the payer has the complete suit on them. If not they are hurted by a new custom damagesource :"out of air" or something like that I did something similar with my radioactive ore.
  5. Hey guys ! I'm trying to make an animated Block (opened and closed block). I don't know how to start it because forge documentation didn't help me to figure out how to do this. But i already did that : trough Propertybool and with Blockstate JSON, i made different model of the block. If i change a boolean in my block class, my block is turning closed or opened peferctly the way i want. Only the problem is that... well... if I try to change it in game, the change didn't take place. I have to restart the map (leave and directly go back in) to see the change. SetBlockState didn't make anything change If someone has a tutorial to show me, don't hésitate ? Here my Block (i think you can see i'm still a beginner with all this line of code. Yup i can agree. I will learn how to do better later :p... And at least it works :p)
  6. Ok I believe you i will try this Thank you
  7. Sure ? because in the changeLog of forge, it seems to be not functional Maybe I don't understand the meaning of the sentence (because my first language is french )
  8. I totally forgot that ! Thanks you, I will try to figure if there is a way to do this Edit: Apparently... RenderPlayerEvent is not Fired.... I use Forge version
  9. Hi everyone ! I would like to know if there is a way to animate the Entityplayer . In my mod, i wish to animate the arm and the 3D model of the player while he is using some capacity. The first one is "meditate" , so I would like to know if there is a way to modify the modelPlayer. The "normal riding position" is not very great for me, i just want to add a new posture. If I can change/Replace the renderPlayer, I think I can add animation too. It would be great for the others spells (Spiritual Shield, Fire ball,...etc). I saw on the Internet that the "RENDERPLAYER API" should be great for this... But... I don't know How to use it/install it. Sorry if the question was already asked, if you want you can just give me a link who is in relation with my problem Anyway, I thank you beforehand for your answer.
  10. Hi there ! I have un unexpected problem with my particles ... i let you see what kind of problem is (click on the image to see the gif) http://s24.postimg.org/5fwzwjcoh/Bug_particle.jpg[/img] Here is my code for the particules. I don't know what the problem is and i Follow this tut0 to see how it works : I don't understand why my particles don't stay 3 blocks on top of the head of the player ! Is so strange, and even if i do nothing in the method OnUpdate(), particles are going away anyway. Modify the gravity doesn't change anything too. Thanks for your futur answer
  11. Ow, that's sad Well maybe forge will do something about that later .... I hope Anyway,thanks for the answer .
  12. Sorry to disturb you guys, i'm following your discussion since three days ago. I have One question: Is this method to modify the model is nice if you want your mod compatible with others mod who modify the modelPlayer too ? (hope that you understand what i mean )
  13. Aaaaaw ok ok I thought that, yes , i should certainly use an Api... but i don't how to mod with these.. thing (exept forge of course ) I will look at this, but i would like to do this without an other Api... But thanks for your answer, it's very friendly to have some good advice !
  14. I forgot to ask you, it is possible, when i'm trying rendering with this event, having a compatibility with other mod who customize the modelPlayer too ?
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