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  1. I am glad to say I found a version of API and forge that are compatible ( Thank you Entoarox for finding the problem.
  2. I think I installed API correctly, if you could show me a guide I'd be very grateful I'm using version 1.5 of API, if anyone could give me a link to a forge version that's compatible, thank you. I'll continue to search the internet for one as well.
  3. Thanks for helping with that I've attached the data of what appeared since when I logged in, hope this helps. I'm using a mac OSX and version 1.2.5 of minecraft. The crash only happened after i had installed forge. Please help if you can.
  4. I recently downloaded forge and a few other mods (API, API render, SPC, dynamic elevators) and opened minecraft, went to singleplayer and tried loading a world. It began loading and got to saving the world for a bit, then started saving chunks and soon after an error report popped up for less than half a second and the screen went black. What should I do? (note: I couldn't get the error report because it didn't stay open long enough for me to copy each time I tried)
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