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  1. Yes, I mean the vanilla classes. So if I’m doing a new block for instance, I look at vanilla block classes that does something similar. For documentation I’m using: https://mcforge.readthedocs.io/
  2. Add a capability to the player, send a packet and change model in render events.
  3. 1. Look for vanilla code that handles this and see if that is helpful. 2. Check forge documentation. 3. Search the forge modder support for similar questions or issues. 4. Check established GitHub repos such as choonster’s or cadiboo’s. 5. Ask myself here
  4. Okay so I debugged this and it seems that the ItemColors registers before I reflect into the map. When I added a breakpoint in the ItemColors only the last egg I added showed up in the for loop where SpawnEggItem#getEggs() gets called. But when I run the same for loop after my reflection has taken place my entities also shows up. So how do I reflect into the map before ItemColors are registered? https://github.com/Phrille/Vanilla-Boom/blob/master/src/main/java/phrille/vanillaboom/util/Utils.java
  5. Well it still isn't working, all the eggs except the last still appear white
  6. Okay Im using that method now but how do I store the map? Do I need to use setPrivateValue afterwards? Map<EntityType<?>, SpawnEggItem> map = (Map<EntityType<?>, SpawnEggItem>) ObfuscationReflectionHelper.getPrivateValue(SpawnEggItem.class, null, "field_195987_b"); map.keySet().removeIf(Objects::isNull); map.putAll(EGG_MAP);
  7. I'm sorry to be such a dum-dum here but I can't see how I would do this. Wouldn't this be better to do with ATs? Or is that bad? Thanks for the help it's very much appreciated.
  8. Okay! Checked with breakpoints and as far as I could tell the map is modified but still no result. What am I doing wrong here? public static final Map<EntityType<?>, SpawnEggItem> EGG_MAP = Maps.newHashMap(); public static void addSpawnEggs() { try { Map<EntityType<?>, SpawnEggItem> map = (Map<EntityType<?>, SpawnEggItem>) ObfuscationReflectionHelper.findField(SpawnEggItem.class, "field_195987_b").get(null); map.keySet().removeIf(Objects::isNull); map.putAll(EGG_MAP); } catc
  9. Can't get this to work yet: public static void addSpawnEgg(IItemProvider item) { if (item instanceof EntitySpawnItem) { EntitySpawnItem egg = (EntitySpawnItem) item; try { Field field = ObfuscationReflectionHelper.findField(SpawnEggItem.class, "field_195987_b"); Map<EntityType<?>, SpawnEggItem> map = (Map<EntityType<?>, SpawnEggItem>) field.get(null); map.put(egg.getType(null), egg); } catch (IllegalAccessException
  10. Alright that makes sense. Is this thread safe to do or should I use event.enqueueWork?
  11. Hello! For some reason when adding multiple spawn eggs for my entities, only the last one registered renders in the inventory with its proper colors. All eggs registered before the last on appear white and I can't figure out why. Item register code: https://github.com/Phrille/Vanilla-Boom/blob/master/src/main/java/phrille/vanillaboom/init/ModItems.java
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