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  1. Sorry what do you mean a line without a { in it but no name. As in no category name or setting name?
  2. Thanks lex. Il have a quick look through it now
  3. Got this error on start up when i enable global config.
  4. I got this horrible bug every time i try to load a world I do believe i am using the most up to date. I had got this error a couple of times before but it would only happen on occasion but now i can't even load a world without getting the error.
  5. orry im really bad at describing its ok il work something out somehow
  6. Yeh im getting errors left right and centre when it comes to package and imports. I get some imports have change by ways of forge and so have some hooks but like i don't think what you said is right Are ya sure that works and if so what will i set the package to?
  7. thanks man Seems good. But that would mean id have to import all minecraft files such as block and item even though when the mod is installed in the .jar thats unesscary sure it can't harm it though.
  8. Well yeh i coded it in eclipse back in 1.1.0 and updated it to 1.2.5. So your saying you created your own folder inside common and than put your code in that?
  9. I dont follow. I wrote it like any other mod. I had a mod_ and than i had all the other files in a folder in teh same directory. I will be re-writting the mod_ accordingly but i'd like the mod to work in lan, client and server. I think that's how it should run normally anyway.
  10. I am copying my mod over from another mcp directory built on forge 3.2.3 #108 and am putting it into a directory containing 4.0.0 #200. Only problem is i cant tell where to drop my src code. Will i drop it in src/net.minecraft.src or common/net.minecraft.src? A simple answer would be appreciated. Thank you.
  11. More to Minecraft (MtM) ~ In More to Minecraft I wish to add and expand on key features of minecraft whilst still trying to stick to a vanilla feel. Certain aspects such as: Ores Trees Biomes Machines Etc. ~ Details: Ores: Trees: Biomes: Machines: Some mods may require other mods such as machines requiring ores or biomes requiring trees but once i write a beta version for each mod I will combine them together in one mod and add .cfg file or in game GUI to enable and diable parts. Suggestions: If you have any suggestion for any of the above mods please post below. Once I have everything up and running I will do a revised list. That is pretty much it for now and remember please leave feed back and support. Thanks
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