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  1. Just to put a cap on this one in case anyone falls into this trap, I had originally been confused by the Minecraft Forge notes found in the update to the ModConfig class, where it states that Common and Client sides are not synced, meanwhile the Server side is. From https://github.com/MinecraftForge/MinecraftForge/blob/1.16.x/src/main/java/net/minecraftforge/fml/config/ModConfig.java The description below from the Forge code could use some clarification. In the end the COMMON spec was the correct one for the case I presented above, and the error I was seeing was somewhere els
  2. God, sometimes I wonder about my brain. I just tested several cases and proved your point. The bug was in my checking of the configuration value. No need for packets. Maybe another cup of coffee.
  3. Look under Biome.Category, which can also be referenced in the BiomeLoadingEvent, under event.getCategory()
  4. I have a general question about Configs in 1.15/1.16. Is there a way to force sync Common config between server and client (where Server is the owner of record)? I have several common config values that should be controlled by the values from the server (when on server). With Common spec, however, users can change Common values client side and the server does not override them. This allows certain players to take advantage of game play by lowering difficulty or enabling features they shouldn't have in a group setting. If I use the Server type spec, this puts all of thes
  5. Thanks, GenElectrovise. I had the same thought, but couldn't figure out how to force DimensionSettings to use field_242736_e (for the Nether). From my understanding of the code in func_242745_a, it looks like it pulls the world correct key prior to applying final settings, but I could be wrong. I may try this again, using access transformers to see if I can force the Nether key for this particular structure.
  6. I'm having issues trying to get Custom Structures to generate in the Nether. The same structure generates correctly in the Overworld (e.g., Swamp Biome works fine), but it doesn't even fire the event generation in the Nether. I suspect it's something in the way I've done registration or with the way Biome loading works in the Nether, but after two days, I haven't been able to move the needle. Any help appreciated: package com.inventorypets.worldgen; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.HashMap; import java.util.List; import java.util.Map; import com.google.common.collect
  7. Ahhhhh! Brilliant. Thank you. I didn't realize you could create a dummy register object from another mod.
  8. Thanks diesieben07. I use the getItem() method for 99.9% of cases. I had used the unlocalized name in earlier version of inventory pets to check cross-mod (e.g., identifying the bosses from OreSpawn for example, or to avoid conflicts with other mod items). The fact that the unlocalized name can change is a good reason to use getRegistryName(). Thanks both for filling in the gaps.
  9. Yes, clearly the registry name, which I will change going forward (on the versions I can still do so), but that was not my question. You are hinting at a Client vs. Server issue, but not quite. This method has been in the Inventory Pets code since 1.7.10 and players have not seen issues. Is it simply a recommendation to avoid future deprecation, or is it just a performance recommendation? Was hoping for a technical answer.
  10. On diesieben07's great issues and recommendations post (linked below), item #7 reads: 7. Do not use the unlocalized names for things other than displaying the name of a block/item. If you want to access the registry name for a registry entry, use IForgeRegistryEntry::getRegistryName. Can someone explain why this is an issue? I have some small bit of code doing this now, and have not experienced any issues....
  11. Nice! Yes, I think I can use this. Will report back if I run into issues/questions.
  12. Hello Forge friends. Long time. I'm finally updating my mods to 1.15.x (and up), and have run into an issue with one of the features in Inventory Pets, which dynamically determined which recipe set the player saw based on a config value (thereby increasing the difficulty of game by using harder to find ingredients). I see that we can no longer use the 'remove' feature from the Registry. And I see williewillus' note in his super-valuable primer that super dynamic recipes still haven't been implemented in 1.14/1.15.x (not sure if that's the same thing). The one idea I c
  13. FYI, I went with Lycanite's solution, which is to use try/catch on all attempts to access the data. On failure, it reverts to a default state. It's not ideal, but it prevents crashing in the case there is a conflict. Example: public float getFloatFromDataManager(DataParameter<Float> key) { try { return this.getDataManager().get(key); } catch (Exception e) { return 0; } }
  14. No, no, I meant, do you think it's a bad idea to use Capabilities to do the same thing that DataParameters are doing. @diesiben07, thanks for the response. Ok, so it sounds like I have to implement the data synchronization manually. For some reason, I though the entity automatically did this (writeToNBT). How would you recommend I sync manually, using network packets? Finally, I'm going to include one of my entity base classes for the Ferret, which has crashed with this error, just in case I'm doing something really dumb with this and I don't know it (distinct possi
  15. Thanks, diesieben07, But I'm not going to do that for modpackers with hundreds of mods. So, to be clear... So you don't recommend using capabilities? Also.. based on your response... what if I am extending some vanilla entities (for instance EntityCow) ... could that be a source of conflict if other mods do the same and add their parameters to an extended class?
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