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  1. I've been trying to make a custom furnace by just pulling code from the sources but I've run into a problem that I cannot seem to fix. So for experience and a way to properly make a custom furnace, I want to watch ScratchForFun's custom furnace tuts(24ep). But is it really worth it? They are all in 1.6.2/1.6.4, and I know a lot of stuff changed in 1.7 that might make it hard for everything to work. Because of the version difference, do you recommend just winging it and using source code from other mods/mc, or actually going through all of the tutorials? Thanks
  2. Hello forge, I am new here and am trying to create a custom liquid just to see how it works. I have knowledge of Java and will not be asking you guys to teach me Java, don't worry. Here is what I have in the main class: And here is my BasicFluidBlock class: I have looked at the wiki, and watching many tutorials(even though they are from 1.6.4/1.6.2). The liquid has no texture, and there is an error while loading: I have tried setting the texture in the blocks and items folder, both don't work. Thanks, HeyAwesomePeople
  3. Hello. My name is HeyAwesomePeople(HAP) and I have recently just gotten into modding with forge. Iv'e been a bukkit plugin coder for a few months now and got pretty good at that, but compared to forge, Bukkit is just spoon-feeding you with API's to use.. I've played Minecraft since 1.5 Beta and have loved the game ever since. About a year ago I got into mods and modpacks and finally decided to see what I could do on my own. I never truly learned Java. I watched about 20 videos(Beg) of TheNewBoston, but stopped because I got bored with them. Now I'm modding with forge and it's a heck of a lot harder to do. Over the past few days with Forge I have just been using tutorials to make new blocks, ores(With random generation in the world), and tools. It's not much. And I cannot keep just using the tutorials that people make to guide my path of coding. So this is what I want to know: Where does everyone like the maker of those big mods go to learn Java? I have a mod planned, with a lot of ideas, but I cannot pull through any of them because there is no good tutorial for them(I.E. Custom GUI blocks, Screen GUI, timers, ect.). I also am wondering where I can find some sort of API. For example, if I wanted to make a block see-through(like glass), where would I go to find how to do that?(That's not a tut) I know in 1.5.2 of forge you could just shuffle through the Minecraft source but they don't have that anymore. But what if I wanted to do something that's not already in the game. For example, I want to make a plague type game where you are spawned in a world one Minecraft week before the world is infected with a plague. I would need to know how to create a timer at the start of the game, making it save everytime the player logged off the world, how to add metadata to blocks and animals by touching, how to change sky colors, how to add GUI to what the player sees, how to add heat waves(mirages). I know all of this is possible, but how? I cannot just think up a method to use and hope it works. Thanks for reading and hopefully you can help. I plan to finish both the Beginner and Intermediate series of TheNewBoston before I try doing anything too big, but I still need to know how to access the API to do those things. - HeyAwesomePeople
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