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  1. Nop. I want to add music and when when the player changes the biome the music should be played.
  2. I did it like you sad but it never works. Here is a part of my code: @ForgeSubscribe public void onBackgroundSound(PlayBackgroundMusicEvent par1PlayBackgroundMusicEvent) { SoundPoolEntry var1 = par1PlayBackgroundMusicEvent.manager.soundPoolMusic.getRandomSoundFromSoundPool("ml.outdoor"); if(var1 != null) { System.out.println("Play!"); par1PlayBackgroundMusicEvent.result = par1PlayBackgroundMusicEvent.manager.soundPoolMusic.getRandomSoundFromSoundPool("ml.outdoor"); } else { System.out.println("Load!"); par1PlayBackgroundMusicEvent.manager.soundPoolMusic.addSound("ml/outdoor.ogg", new File(Minecraft.getMinecraft().getMinecraftDir(), "resources/MusicLoops/Outdoor.ogg")); this.onBackgroundSound(par1PlayBackgroundMusicEvent); } } I moved the file to mcp/jars/resources/MusicLoops/Outdoor.ogg. The messages from System.out.println say if it should play. And they do it always when they should do. But I can't here any music. The normal integrated music plays well.
  3. Hello, I just want to play music but in the wiki I found just something about playing sounds. Is there any idea to play musics in Minecraft?
  4. Hi, I've the problem that if I create a dimension with blocks which have a normal blockID (under 256) all is running perfectly but when I try to use my own blocks it isn't working. MinecraftForge changes my ids every time up to over 3800 when I try to register blocks with ids under 256. What can I do or has anyone the solution?
  5. Hey, I've tried to install latest recommended build of Forge (MC 1.4.5). But when I try to run the script in bash of Linux (I use Ubuntu) I got following bug every time: It's a little bit crazy because with earlier builds for MC 1.4.4 there wasn't any problem and some early builds for MC 1.4.5 have been successfully installed. Excuse me for my bad English, I'm from Germany.
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