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  1. Updated github code so people can view it better there. https://github.com/AceScottie/OreManager/tree/master/OreManager
  2. Someone please help. I have spent the last 6 hours on this trying every combination of par1, par3, ==, !=, 0, 1,2 and everything else i could and still nothing. no searching on google, minecraftforums or forgeforums has helped me in the slightest. I've even taken into looking at source code from EnderIO and Thermal Expansion and that has not helped me either.
  3. Not sure if this can help you at al but i used a random code in one of my other mods. Setting 2 ints out of 10 is same as a 20% chance.
  4. Hello, I am trying to get my ISidedInvnetory code working how i want it. Basically 1 have 2 slots, I wan to import into slot1 from all sides and export from all slots from slot2/ MY code so far. Been messing with the canExtractItem() functions for a while now and altough some stuff has changed i still cant get the right sides working. If i knew the difference between par1 and par3 or what part of it is import and what is export i would be able to manage.
  5. Thanks dude. now i know my ISidedInventory code inst working how i want. no crashes though so that's good
  6. Yea i already tried them but they only have limited capabilities. i want to import from the bottom and export from the top and sides and see how that affects things. with hoppers its only export from the bottom and import from everywhere else. I already got that working after messing with my ISidedInventory code.
  7. Hello. I have been looking around for a mod that has the capability of transferring items into an inventory. The problem is i need a Development build of the mod that will work in an Eclipse environment. I know IC2 has one but that has no item transfer blocks that i am aware of. Can someone please link me any dev build of a mod that will work so i can test my ISidededInventory code please.
  8. [sOLVED] The problem was i had too much code I had some left over code after bug ficxing an Item duplication bug (i put 9 slots in a 2 slot GUI). Fixed it now. In my Container class i have removed the following lines
  9. After a little bit of searching i can safely say the issue im having is with my Container class. I have found a little code online that i will post below which dose fix the ghost item but, however creates a few of its own. ~Firstly it only accepts ores (this is what i wanted anyway but may have to be modified for others) ~Secondly I can only shift click into the GUI, i cannot shift click them out. ~Lastly The very top left player inventory slot cannot shift click into the GUI There are some lines commented out of the code, these lines were causing me to crash after a little while. I am currently in the process of comparing my original code to this one but to make sure ill put my code here
  10. still same, no change at all. Dont know if this helps at all but a few related bugs are: Shift clicking will put items into slot2 (if slot1 is full) even though its set not to receive items (cant place them there by normal methods). Using a hopper with more than 1 item will destroy the stack and only leave 1 item(both on input and output). Updated github with new code https://github.com/AceScottie/OreManager
  11. its suppose to check if world.isRemote then open up the GUI ... i think ? Im watching a few tutorial series and that was one of the things in it.
  12. anyone available to help with this ? i cant do anything else until this part is done.
  13. sorry i literally just realized what you meant by this (i think). You mean my Tile Entity class IS my IInventory class ? i feel really stupid now Anyway i posted a link to a github with it all on so you can see everything i have. Please ignore any junk code i got rid of the for(int i = 0; i < 1; i++) part already as that was making another part stupid to manage.
  14. Ok i added the !world.isRemote but still no change, not getting any errors and i have tried it with and without the other pieces of code in that function.
  15. Just to confirm is that the code in the blockOreChanger class ?
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