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  1. Oh thanks i just downloaded latest forge and optifine and now it's working as expected ...
  2. Well i Just looked trough my mods and the one who is overwriting og.class is optifine :? Maybe i should try to install optifine first and then forge ? EDIT: I did that and it worked but i found another bug... All custom items doesn't have their item sprite pictures for example : fridge is snowball in my hand but when i place it it's normal. EDIT 2 : I just realized that custom textures even overwrote original textures and now for example emerald is other item 0_0 that may be bug in the mod it self
  3. Hello i got a problem here with forge mods. 1. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1098808-v40-beta-132-forge-smp-jammy-furniture-mod/ Basicaly when i open any kind of storage or even(sometimes) when i put it on ground it gives me this error :
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