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  1. I had this error and checked all installed mods, finally found that it was optifine causing the error, do you have optifine installed as it does not show as a core mod. I have reported this to optifine: https://github.com/sp614x/optifine/issues/625
  2. Its a little different to how Spideynn has said. If you want worldguard and worldedit they are bukkit plugins and custom npcs is a forge mod. You will need MCPc+ which integrates spiggot (a form of bukkit) and forge. You can get MCPC+ from here: http://ci.md-5.net/job/MCPC-Plus/. The clients will run forge and the server will run MCPc+. Now heres the downside MCPC+ has not been updated since March 26 2014 and is running on forge 1033 so that is what your clients will need. Hopefully it will get updated but not seen or heard anything from bloodmc who maintains it so don't hold your breath....unless someone else picks up the reigns and carries on. Schis
  3. It happens with any mod that adds blocks (or entities??). Schis
  4. I am running forge MCPC+ 1033 R51 but have also tried on Forge 1033. The block id mismatch error happens when adding a new mod that adds blocks to minecraft on an existing world. It happens with any mod and in any order. The only way to not get the errors is to start a new world. It appears what happens is when the new mod is added id's are allocated to all mods regardless of whether they had been allocated before which results in the miss match as the blocks are already "placed in world". The mods already installed do not have there id's reserved/preserved. What I have done is copy old .rca files from a backup into a new world but then have to go round and replacing all the blocks as they have taken on their new id (ie a table from one mod has had its id replaced by an ore block from another). This is however very time consuming and if there are a lot of blocks then would not be viable. Edit: This also happens if an already existing mod is updated that adds additional blocks to an older version. ie Mod 1 2 and 3 on server, Mod 1 is updated and adds one new block this causes id miss matches for mod 1 mod 2 and 3 even though Mod 2 and 3 have not been changed. Sorry for the poor explanation but after numerous rewrites this is the best I could come up with Schis
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