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  1. Hi, So I just noticed when testing out a new mob of mine, that the health is capped at 1024. When I enter this line: this.getEntityAttribute(SharedMonsterAttributes.maxHealth).setBaseValue(2000F); If I put the number above 1024 it won't go higher (I tested with print-outs of the health) but it works at lesser values. In 1.7 the health like this was not capped, so is there something new in 1.8 I'm supposed to do to get around this because it seems obsurd that the health would be capped at such a low value now. This points to saying the max value is 1024 in the SharedMonsterAttr
  2. No longer relevent.
  3. Hi, So I've created a new mob that has visual dimensions of 5x17. I used the this.setSize(5F, 17F); in the main constructor. When I go in game and hit F3+B it shows the correct bounding box for the mob. However, when I actually try and hit the mob, it only has a bounding box of 5x5x6ish (so just only 6 blocks tall). I can also place blocks inside of the higher parts that appear in the bounding box shown at F3+B but not at the lower parts. What exactly is going on here?
  4. I've noticed that both Vanilla and custom generation have become a lot slower once I updated to the recommended 1.7.10 build. Even in the overworld, chunks load much slower than usual. Is this an expected change? This only seems to happen in dev.
  5. I've noticed that both Vanilla and custom generation have become a lot slower once I updated to the recommended 1.7.10 build. Even in the overworld, chunks load much slower than usual. Is this an expected change?
  6. So it's currently stored in NBT. My question is how would one go about implementing the packets so that it would work on servers. What I'm trying to do is make it check the energy on client side rather than client and server. Basically: If client has this value, server does this.
  7. Alright so I have a successful custom resource system called energy. A player can use items that consume it and everything works fine (it regens per tick and shows a GUI bar on the left) however it doesn't work on servers since it doesn't use packets. Currently to drain from the bar I just call the class file and a drain function like this: energystats.drain(25) which would drain 25 energy. The problem is on a server it isn't bound to a user I guess so I'm not sure how to implement the packets to fix this.
  8. How would I go about using the different dyes in recipes?
  9. I'm not able to access the modid for some reason, this is how I have it set in my main file: @Mod(modid = "darkmod" ....)
  10. So I have a custom portal block, everything but the texture is working. It keeps looking for the texture here: Using missing texture, unable to load minecraft:textures/blocks/darklandPortal.png In my blocks file: "public static final BlockDarklandPortal darklandPortal = (BlockDarklandPortal)new BlockDarklandPortal();" Inside my Portal Block Code:
  11. So whenever I start up the mod I get this line below. I don't have any packages outside of my main ones which are all in src/main/java/net/darkMod/___ The line: [FML]: FML has detected a mod that is using a package name based on 'net.minecraft.src' : net.minecraft.src.FMLRenderAccessLibrary. This is generally a severe programming error. There should be no mod code in the minecraft namespace. MOVE YOUR MOD! If you're in eclipse, select your source code and 'refactor' it into a new package. Go on. DO IT NOW!
  12. I haven't touched any of those player properties, I also went through all mobs [mine and Vanilla], none of them are an issue. I'll go back through my logs as soon as I get home in a couple hours and post the full thing. edit: I think I might know what is causing it. It seems one of my mobs was spawned in all the different occurrences, so I'm going to look into that. The mob itself works fine, but it seems it might have Overriden the Horse ID [in spawn code, even though it's a registered mod entity].
  13. Alright, so I'm currently changing the sky color of a dimension I have. The sky will appear as a different color [neither the correct one] depending on which way you look. I've tried fiddling with both extensively, but I either just get bright blue or this duo-color. My sky color code in biome class: @Override @SideOnly(Side.CLIENT) public int getSkyColorByTemp(float par1) { return Color.YELLOW.getRGB(); } In world provider class, the celestial angle: @Override public float calculateCelestialAngle(long var1, float var3) { return 0.
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